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Healthy Skin with glycolic acid skin care

How to Get a Head-to-Toe Skin "Glow" Fast

Healthy Skin with glycolic acid skin careYou can have a soft, supple, glowing complexion almost immediately. Glycolic acid is the hero when the mission calls for a head-to-toe glow ASAP. As a dermatologist, I know how well glycolic acid works. From the science to the results, it's the dependable hero. And, getting fast results from glycolic acid skin care routines are why I created “turn-key” kits years ago for my patients. These kits worked so well that they were one of my main inspirations for creating; I could bring highly effective skin care routines to people outside of my practice too. Turn-key glow from head to toe! How do you get the head-to-toe glow ASAP with glycolic acid? For Your Face To get glowing facial skin, use one of my glycolic acid face care kits. You'll be using professional glycolic acid products and simple physical exfoliation to reveal your fresh and renewed complexion fast. Pick your kit based on your skin type: oily, normal, or dry.

Dermatologist-Recommended Glycolic Acid Facial Skin Care Kits

fast acting glycolic acid aha facial kit normal skin

For Your Body Skin Soft, glowing, and hydrated arm and leg skin can be acheived easily with the right skin care routine. Banish rough elbows and knees and dry, flaky shins. Your self tanner will look even better when you use glycolic acid products too.

Dermatologist's Glycolic Acid Body Skin Care Routine 

Anti Aging Body Kit

For Your Feet  Don't forget your feet. Are they soft and do they look good in sandals? Left to their own devices, the soles of your feet will become rough and thick. They may even crack if the skin becomes too thick. My turn-key glycolic acid skin for rough feet is the fastest way to reclaim healthy and soft feet that look great in sandals.

Dermatologist's Glycolic Acid Kit for Rough Feet

Rough Foot Skin Remover Kit

Why is glycolic acid so effective for giving you that head-to-toe glow fast? Scientists have proven that glycolic acid skin care treatments:
  1. Exfoliate the dead skin cells. This means that your skin looks dewy and moist and feels softer.
  2. Increase epidermal (top layer of your skin) thickness dramatically (a whopping 17%). This helps to reverse some of the skin thinning that happens with age.
  3. Increase epidermal hyaluronic acid content (by an astounding 180%) and hyaluronic acid dermal (second deeper layer of your skin) content too (9%). This makes your skin structure dewier and plumper, the appearance of your wrinkles is lessened and your skin is less fragile. It’s also healthier because hyaluronic acid helps your cells and nutrients move around better too.
What other good things does glycolic acid do for your skin? Using professional-strength glycolic acid skin care products can turn on the genes in your skin that make collagen (up to 3 times greater than before). This is a key step to wrinkle treatment and anti-aging skin care because reversing wrinkles requires that your skin makes collagen in the dermis (the deeper part of your skin), which is below the epidermis (the top living layer). Glycolic acid also helps reduce irregular skin pigmentation. This means it can help to get rid of your age spots and lighten hyperpigmentation from melasma. It can even reverse some of the signs of classic sun damage in the epidermis that are seen under the microscope; the microscopic skin structure looks more youthful, which means your skin will look more youthful too. Do all glycolic acid skin care products work to get your skin glowing fast? No, the "devil is in the details" with glycolic acid products. To achieve the skin benefits I just mentioned, a glycolic acid product needs to be professional strength; it needs to have a free acid concentration of 10% or higher and the proper acid pH. This information is not always listed on a product. All of the products I use in my kits meet this level of glycolic acid formulation, which is why they work so well! References: Bernstein, EF, et. al. (including Van Scott, E), Glycolic Acid Treatment Increases Type 1 Collagen mRNA and Hyaluronic Acid Content of Human Skin, Dermatologic Surgery 2001;27:429-433 Ditre CM et. al. (including Van Scott, E), Effects of alpha-hydroxy acids on photoaged skin; A pilot clinical, histologic, and ultrastructural study, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 1996;34:187-195 Photo: Thanks and Gratitude to tommerton2010