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Ask Dr. Bailey: How Does Men's Skin Change in Their 40s?

Hi, I just turned 40 years old.  How does men's skin change in this decade?  Does the epidermis become thinner, more sensitive?  Should you exfoliate less than when younger?  Thanks!  All I a read about is how women's skin changes.  

~ Fred J

Hello Fred,

I definitely needed to write a post on this topic - so thank you for your question.  Basically, a man's skin changes with age in much the same way that a woman's does.  However, for men it starts out thicker, more sebaceous and with more collagen in the fat plane so the thinning is not as striking as it can be for women.  Years of shaving helps preserve skin-thickness in the beard area much the same way that microdermabrasion treatments can.  As you know, sun will accelerate thinning, especially on areas such as the back of the arms.  In areas where dead skin cells fail to exfoliate naturally, the skin dries which causes a crusty and scaly look.  This occurs especially on the arms and legs.

So what do you do to help slow the aging process?  

I recommend the same anti-aging skin care routine for men that I recommend for women.  That includes sunscreen, glycolic acid, antioxidant rich skin care and retinoids.  Two of the sunscreens I strongly recommend are the Solbar Zinc and the Citrix Sunscreen.  They are not only popular with my clients, but my whole family uses them as well.

We have many options for glycolic acid products including kits (such as the Glycolic Acid Skin Care Kit for All Skin Types).

However, if you're looking for an individual product to add to a regimen, the Glycolic Acid Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream is a great product.

For the antioxident rich skin care, one of the products I recommend frequently is the Green Tea Antioxident Skin Therapy because it's a great go-to product to make a part of your daily routine.

The last part of the routine I suggested was to use a retinoid.  This is applied at night and I would recommend using the Retinol Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream.  These products together would make a great anti-aging skin care routine for you.

I hope that helps.  Thanks for the great question!

~Dr. Cynthia Bailey

What do your anti-aging skin care regimens include?  What are your favorite products?  Join the conversation - we love to hear from you!

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