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Home Cleaner Spray for People with Sensitive Skin

Home Cleaner Spray for People with Sensitive Skin

You can be allergic to your home cleaning products!

Yes, your home cleaner spray is not neutral or necessarily benign. They are complicated products, often made with allergens and even toxic ingredients. Even products touted as “natural” can be potent allergens and contain toxic ingredients, too.

Did you know that itchy eyelids can be a sign that you are allergic to a home cleaner spray?

Learn what allergens to avoid in home-cleaning products in my latest video and discover the most common, toxic ingredients in home-cleaning products.

Natural cleaning spray fight home-cleaning allergens
All Purpose 100% Natural Spray Cleaner

Learn how to choose safe and non-toxic home cleaning products.

Did you know that your home-cleaning products become part of your indoor air... for better or worse? Keep your family and yourself safe by using mostly (or only) non-toxic cleaning products in your home.

See Dr. Bailey’s latest video on the home cleaning spray she developed for her exquisitely sensitive eczema patients below.

Click here to see Dr. Bailey’s newly updated web page where she explains the recent scientific developments in our understanding of how toxic ingredients in home cleaners are something we all need to understand.