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Healthy skin care kits for everyone on your holiday list!

Holiday Special Sale: Complete Dry Skin Care Product Collection

Complete Dry Skin Care Product Collection: Holiday Special Sale Looking for a last minute gift or stocking stuffer that is perfect for everyone? 

We recommend the Complete Dry Skin Care Product Collection.  During the harsh winter months, this kit is a universal treat for all skin types. The Complete Dry Skin Care Collection contains key products to moisturize from head to toe:
  • Dr. Bailey’s Dry Skin Hand Cream intensively moisturizes and helps to heal chapped hands.  Its non-greasy texture is a major bonus too!  In our office, we keep a tube of this next to every sink and work station.
  • Ceralip Lip Treatment Balm by La Roche-Posay is ultra healing and hydrating with shea butter.  It does not contain petroleum and your lips will not become addicted to this lip balm.
All products in Dr. Bailey’s Complete Dry Skin Care Collection are free of fragrance and dyes too.  Really, who doesn’t need a skincare kit like this for the winter holidays? Special holiday sale on Dr. Bailey's Complete Dry Skin Care Product Collection ends December 16. Hurry now and save $14.00!

I love your hand cream.  I substituted some other stuff (like Nivea, Bert’s Bees etc) but it didn’t work as well.  I’ve turned other people on to it. Paula M