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holiday skin care specials gift ideas

Holiday Skin Care Specials: Best Thoughtful Holiday Gift for a Busy Woman

holiday skin care specials gift ideas I’ve been a busy woman all my life and I know that mornings are usually a frantic rush to get out the door. However, the catch 22 of a busy woman is the need to look good and take care of your skin but in a short amount of time, which generally a skin care routine takes more than a few minutes! My solution to this time-sensitive skin care problem? It’s all in My On-The-Go Facial Primer Basics - the morning skin care routine I’ve used for the past 2 years and now part of my Holiday Skin Care Specials with 7 great gift items to help you look and feel younger. My On-The-Go Primer Basics (with a $25 savings till 12/16/13) contains the best products for a snappy 1,2,3 step morning skin care routine; you go from washed to ready in under a minute – perfect for the busy woman (and it’s dermatologist approved!). 

The 1,2,3 of My On-The-Go Facial Primer Basics Holiday Skin Care Special  includes:

  1. A non-drying all-purpose facial skin cleanser
  2. The product with the highest level of green tea antioxidants, caffeine and hyaluronic acid to fight free radicals that form in the skin from environmental stressors during the day (this combo of ingredients has been shown to fight skin inflammation and skin cancer formation)
  3. A tinted mineral zinc sunscreen BB cream made from organic ingredients and doubles as a light makeup foundation. (A 5 -1 product)
When the “luxury of time” allows for more than just 1 minute to get ready, additional products are easily layered into this 3-step routine.  Makeup can be applied on top as well. It's flexible and efficient, and that’s why this is the perfect skin care gift for any busy woman!

Check out our Holiday Skin Care Specials and save $17 to $80 off our favorite and most popular products. This makes the perfect Gift for loved ones and yourself.

Remember My On-The-Go Primer Basics Holiday Skin Care Special with a $25 savings for you end 12/16/13 or until supplies run out.

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