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Holiday Skin Care Special Collections Spotlight

holiday skin care specialsDr. Bailey's Top-Selling Skin Care Products for Anti-Wrinkle, Facial Primer, BB Cream, and Mineral Make Up Collections

Huge Holiday Sale


The holidays are upon us and it's time to finish off your gift list. Running around the stores to find that last-minute gift can be a trial in patience and exhaustion. That's why Dr. Bailey has put together holiday skin care special collections with many of her best-selling skin care products to save you all the fuss and save 20% on customer and office favorites. Sale ends 12/18/14 or while supplies last.

We are even including free gift wrapping at a $5 value with assembly instructions! Check out the holiday skin care special collections below before they run out ... last chance to buy is December 18!

Dr. Bailey's Holiday Skin Care Special Collections

Forgot Your Veggies? We've Got Your Skin Covered Collection

Target your fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots with powerful anti-wrinkle skin care.

Price: $205 (3 Pieces / Save $51)

No need to choose just one of your favorite anti−wrinkle skin care products, when you can have it all! These top-selling products are packed with only the best ingredients: Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy Cream, Vitamin-C Anti-Wrinkle Professional Cream, and Replenix Eye Repair Cream! Each focuses on a specific aspect of an anti-wrinkle skin regimen: diminishing fine line and wrinkles of the face or sensitive eye area, DNA repair, and skin hydration. This powerful combination will leave your skin looking younger and more vibrant, so you will have a radiant complexion for all your holiday activities. Give your loved ones a skin boost that will make them radiant long after the holidays! For more details on all the benefits of this holiday skin care special collection, click here.




Wham! Bam! Facial Primer Collection

These multi−tasking essentials are for the uber busy who want to take the best care of their skin too.

Price: $110 (3 Pieces / Save $27)

Dr. Cynthia Bailey’s Wham! Bam! Facial Primer Collection contains the multi−tasking essentials for the uber busy who want to take the best care of their skin too. It creates the perfect combination to prime your face for makeup application: the gentle non-drying cleanser Toleriane, Suntegrity 5-in-1 BB Cream SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen, and powerhouse Green Tea Antioxidant Skin TherapyThese products are quick and easy to apply to your skin. See for yourself why we have put these products together for your holiday season by clicking here.


Dr. Cynthia Bailey's Naturally Flawless Collection

Achieve a completely natural perfect complexion with Dr. Bailey's all natural products!

Price: $72 (3/4 Pieces / Save $18)

Dr. Bailey's Naturally Flawless Collection contains a fair trade silk makeup bag, elegant BB Cream made from natural ingredients, and truly the most lovely mineral makeup powder. Add on our Brush Kit set to complete your collection here.



As you can see, Dr. Bailey has put together some of her personal and customer-favorite products that work as a simple but easy-to-use skin care kits. And they are all at 20% discount to boot with free gift wrapping!

Our holiday skin care collections sale ends on December 18 or while supplies last! Surprise your loved ones this holiday season by finding out more here.