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Here’s The Perfect, Yummy Holiday Makeup Gift Set!

Here’s The Perfect, Yummy Holiday Makeup Gift Set!

The Best Skin Care Products Make Perfect Gifts!

Do you want to find the best skin care products to give someone on your list this year? Perhaps, you want to find the perfect holiday makeup gift set for a special friend (or even yourself!) Well, we all know that great holiday gifts can be:
  • Practical;
  • Delightful;
  • Beautiful; or
  • Luxurious.
But few can claim “all of the above”!holiday makeup gift set and brush gift set

My Holiday Makeup Gift Set can!

Yes, it’s: Practical - because everyone who wears makeup can use it. Delightful - because the colors are sumptuous, and the brushes have a nice “hand.” Beautiful - because the quality of colors and textures combine so nicely together. Luxurious - because the powders are soft and shimmery on the skin. Plus, there are many brushes, all of which are soft and lovely to use.

The best skin care products offer more, and that goes for this Holiday Makeup Gift Set, too!

Make the process of applying makeup a full, sensory pleasure. Not only will the recipient enjoy all of the colors and sensations this makeup gift set has to offer, but they can also feel good knowing that it is fair trade and cruelty-free, too. This means that both your gift recipient and the world are all well-cared for by you when you purchase this lovely, holiday gift. And just look at what’s inside… The Holiday Mineral Makeup Gift Set includes full sizes of:
  • The Natural Mineral Eye Shadow trio with shades for highlighting, shadowing and lining.
  • The Natural Mineral Blush Powder.
  • An Eco-Friendly Professional Makeup Brush Set (This is optional, but I highly recommend it – These brushes are the best!).
  • A beautiful, handmade silk-makeup-bag.
And if that’s not enough, we include gift wrap supplies too to make gifting simple! Everyone who wears makeup will love this set. You will too! It is perfect for packing when you travel (there is room enough for lipstick, mascara and foundation in the bag). It sits beautifully on your vanity or in your bathroom, and the products are a pleasure to both handle and use. The final makeup results are natural and sure to tastefully enhance anyone's appearance. It’s a gift that shimmers like jewels – “mi piace” (Italian for “it gives me pleasure”). The best skin care products make perfect gifts, and this holiday makeup gift set is one of them. But hurry to order before the holiday bundle pricing ends!

Click here to get your Holiday Makeup Gift Set today.