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Holiday Comfort Foods Good for Your Skin

Holiday Comfort Foods good for your skinFresh veggies and olive oil are good for your skin – always and in every form. However, they aren't always the first ingredients you think of when you plan your holiday meals. That's where potato latkes come in!

Even if Hanukkah isn't one of your family's seasonal holidays, potato latkes are great holiday comfort foods filled with simple ingredients that are good for your complexion: veggies and olive oil.

I love latkes, and often feel "called" to make them about now. I was raised Catholic, married Presbyterian/Episcopal, study Buddhism, most of my dear, dear friends are Jewish - AND I love latkes.

I think knowing that latkes are on the holiday tables in my friends' homes across the country makes me want latkes too. My nonna wasn't Jewish, so I didn't have anyone to teach me the secrets to making perfect latkes. I have to admit that mine are often soggy. Now, however, I have my lovely new friend and culinary expert Viviane to guide me. Viviane creates practical cooking videos for her website Food & Style. She can turn even the most pedestrian vegetable into an elegant, simple, and successful dish that's good for your skin.

Let Viviane help you make dishes that are simple, healthy, AND elegant.

I mean "elegant" both in the traditional sense of the word and, more importantly to me (a science geek), in the scientific usage of the word. In science, we use the word "elegant" to describe a theory or experiment that is

"simple, ingenious, concise and persuasive; they often have an unexpected quality and they are very satisfying"

according to Ian Glynn, author of the book Elegance in Science . Wow! That sums up Viviane's cooking!

Watch her videos and visit Food & Style; you'll find Viviane's videos, recipes, dishes, and her lovely food photographs ingenious, unexpected, persuasive, simple, very satisfying, and in a word - elegant!

I had dinner with Viviane and her husband Marc this week at Peter Lowells, one of our favorite local restaurants. I love hearing Viviane describe the interplay of ingredients in a dish. It helps me see and taste it with new wonder. She has done exactly that with latkes in her video and I want to share it with you.

Viviane and her friend Didi Conn (whom you know as Frenchy in the movie Grease) just made this latke video last week in Viviane's New York kitchen. It’s delightful - and the latkes are amazing.

You have to see it!  It will make you want to cook with these two lovely women.

Together they transform these simple little winter garden vegetables into elegant, holiday comfort foods that makes your mouth water. Viviane, Didi, and the elegant latkes are a celebration of beauty, friendship, and family tradition and a lovely inspiration for your holiday meal planning. And ... they're just what the doctor ordered because these latkes are good for your skin too!

 From our family to yours, happy holidays from The Dr. Bailey Skin Care Team

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