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Holiday Beauty Hack from a Dermatologist

Holiday Beauty Hack from a Dermatologist

This holiday season, the trending look is all about having a complexion with radiance, shimmer and shine!

You can get a quick, holiday beauty hack for this top trending look using a few dermatologist’s skin care tricks:
  • Exfoliate your facial skin right before you apply your products. This gives you a dewy and polished glow instantly! Use a physical scrub (Bamboo and Clay Thermal Exfoliating Scrub is my choice).You can also do the job using a slightly rough facial sponge like Facial Buf Puf along with your favorite cleanser (mine is Extremely Gentle Facial Cleanser).
  • Immediately after exfoliating, you must lock in dewy moisture with a hyaluronic acid serum. The more HA the better. Try my Instantly Luminous Serum, which really creates an instantly luminous complexion.
  • Follow up with the rest of your Complete Skin Care Routine (remember that means Cleanse, Correct, Hydrate, Protect. You need at minimum a moisturizer and sunscreen if it’s daytime).
Apply your makeup using shimmery products. They go right on top of your skin care routine and create radiance, shimmer and shine. I’m a doctor, not a make-up artist so the advice I found is from a great trending post with an interview of Florida cosmetologist, Carey Hinrichs. I want to share it with you for the fun tips, which are sort of what I already do. They work! According to Carey Hinrichs, jewel tones are trending this year. That includes deep greens and blues! Other trending options are shimmer on the top central part of the eyelid and along the lash line. (I use a subtle shimmer, not the deep colors.) Rose gold is apparently huge this season and will highlight any skin tone. Products with rose gold include foundation, lipsticks and eye shadows, etc. I've been doing this, and the trend appeals to me. I'll describe it below! Carey Hinrichs also recommends highlighters – lighter, shimmery colors applied at points on the face that are higher and where light would normally reflect to brighten and sparkle. I paint – like on canvas – and I know that when one applies a “highlight” to the point of reflection, like the round point on the top part of an apple, the picture pops! I’ve used this painter's trick for years with my face makeup. For example, I use a very light application of my shimmery ivory eye makeup on my cheekbones. It’s a great trick. Carey says full brows are a hack to look younger. I do this too, and I think it makes a huge difference. My trick is to take my angled brush and apply the brown in my Mineral Eye Trio. I apply the color and then stroke the brush perpendicular to the line of my brow to bring up the hairs and create a natural, full look. Bigger, better and more goes for lashes, too. A quick hack is that you can layer mascara or use a primer first under your mascara. I use Blinc because I’m one of those people whose mascara smears. I layer and layer quickly. I use Latisse to grow longer and fuller lashes (that takes time but is worth the effort for me). I also use the angled brush and the black mineral powder in my Smokey Eye Mineral Makeup Eye Trio to outline the lateral aspect of my lash line on the upper and lower eyelid. holiday beauty hack

Here’s my step-by-step dermatologist's holiday beauty hack for an instantly radiant, dewy, shimmery complexion:

  1. I use Bamboo Thermal Scrub on my face after dampening my skin with warm water. I gently rub the bamboo granules around my face for about one minute and then rinse them off with warm water.
  2. I immediately apply a few drops of Instantly Luminous Serum followed by Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy to my face and my Advanced Eye Cream around my eye area. I let these products dry to the touch.
  3. I apply Suntegrity BB Cream on top (I use this every day and at night as a foundation because I love the look on my skin).
  4. Dermatologist’s Makeup Hack for Shimmery Skin (at almost 60 I might add!):holiday beauty hack - easy natural makeup trends for 2017 holiday
    1. If I wear foundation, I use Baked Mineral Powder, which has shimmery mica to sparkle.
    2. I curl my lashes then apply Blinc mascara many times, separating my lashes individually with the end of the wand.
    3. Using my Eco-Makeup Brush Set and Mineral Eye Shadow Trios, I apply:
      1. Mineral Bronze Trio:
        1. Shimmery Warm Ivory along the lid below brow with the flat eye shadow brush.
        2. With the same brush, I apply the rosy taupe in the crease on the lateral aspect of my upper lid.
        3. I put the dark brown in the direction of my brows with the angle brush. Then, I feather upwards to direct the hairs perpendicular to the line of my brow and widen my brow without overly darkening it.
      2. Mineral Smokey Trio:
        1. I apply just a little of the rosy mauve on the upper lateral lid and the lower lid with the flat, eye shadow brush.
        2. I apply the black in the crease of my lateral upper and lower lash line much like I would eyeliner. This anchors and enhances the look of my lashes.
        3. With the fine eye shadow brush, I dot a small amount of the rosy/silver on the top of my upper lid just where light would create a highlight.
      3. Cheeks: I apply Adobe Mineral Makeup Blush followed by a highlight of the slightest amount of the shimmery ivory from the Bronze Eye Shadow Trio on the high point of my cheek bones with the flat eye shadow brush. Then, I blend this with the medium makeup brush I used for blush.
      4. I outline then fill in my lips with my favorite lip liner pencil and then apply Suntegrity Lipstick which has the most wonderful shimmery color and also feels amazing! I pick my color depending on what I’m wearing. Suntegrity Lipstick provides mineral zinc oxide sun protection for your delicate lip skin during the day and looks great for evening too.
I've got this down to about 5 minutes! Yep, quick since I do it all the time. holiday makeup and brush gift setSome of the products I use are in my Holiday Makeup Bundle, which we are offering at a special price this holiday season. It includes the brush set, an Eye Trio, Blush and a Silk Bag.

Take a look on my YouTube video and you'll see how it works out for me.

My glasses are in the way, but you get the idea. At almost 60, I think my complexion looks shimmery, dewy and radiant. It's the quick hack I just shared, perfect for holiday parties, YouTube or every day!

Let me know what you think of my holiday beauty hack and take advantage of our Holiday Makeup Bundle here while it’s still available!