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summer foot care for rough feet

Helpful Foot Skin Care Tips for Summer

summer foot care for rough feetIn these dog days of summer your “go-to” shoe is probably a pair of sandals or flip flops. I know mine is! You're seeing your feet more than any other time of the year. Are your feet baby soft and attractive? Or, are they scaly and rough? If they are rough and scaly, do you know how to get rid of the roughness? Foot skin care easy and you can do it almost overnight. But, you need to first decide if you have rough feet from friction alone or if you have athlete’s foot that needs treatment too. What are the signs that you may have athlete’s foot? Your foot problems could be related to athlete's foot, if:
  • Your feet itch.
  • You have cracks between your toes.
  • You have scale and redness that are asymmetric and worse on one foot than the other.
  • You have scale and/or redness that wraps onto the top of your foot too.
  • You have nail fungus.
  • You share a shower with someone that has athlete’s foot or nail fungus.
  • Your feet smell when they get hot or when you wear shoes.
If any of the above apply to you, then it’s worth treating your feet for athlete’s foot fungus or being evaluated by your doctor for the condition. You want to help keep your feet healthy AND attractive.  To quickly get rid of rough scale, you may be able to do your athlete's foot treatment at the same time that you are treating the thick and rough skin on your feet.

What are my foot skin care tips?

Here are my two tricks that I use for my dermatology patients – and my family too:
Foot Skin Care Treatment Rough Skin Remover Kit
  1. We treat athlete’s foot with these steps (pun intended). This post actually contains the information on the Patient Care Sheet that I give out in my office.
  2. Dissolve and file off the scale with my “911” Rough Foot Kit. This works better than anything else I've ever seen for rough feet. The powerful glycolic acid cream softens the thick layers of hard keratin so that you can easily get through it with the pumice and file. Use the kit until your feet are soft and then as needed to keep them soft. My practical kit contains everything you need to keep your feet soft, attractive and preventable.
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How do you treat your athlete’s foot and use the foot kit at the same time?

Here is what I tell my patients:
  • Start with the Lamasil Cream twice a day. Apply it to both of your feet, covering the entire surface. Continue this for a full two months just like I mention in the athlete's foot post.
  • At bedtime, use the Foot Kit as described in the kit instructions. The kit works so fast that within a week your feet are usually soft enough to stop using the kit. Then you can use it as needed.
  • And – voilà! Soft feet that you can be proud of.
Enjoy these final dog days of summer.

Thank you for your foot skin care questions, comments and sharing  below and in the social media links below. 

  Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to Greg Pye