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acne facials sonoma county

Help Control Acne Flare-ups with our Signature Acne Facial

acne facials sonoma countyAs a medical aesthetician, I can offer acne treatment that’s both therapeutic and de-stressing, which is the perfect combination to help clear up your acne.  Anyone who has ever suffered from acne knows that stress contributes to their acne flare-ups. Summer is just about over and for many that means school is about to start. It’s the perfect storm for an acne flare - and the perfect time to come in for an acne facial to make a preemptive strike on back-to-school pimples. Make an appointment for an acne facial. Start treatment that will help you de-stress and will help combat your breakouts. With our signature acne facial done here in our beautiful treatment room you'll leave from your treatment relaxed, totally pampered, and your pores will be cleaner, angry pimples will be calmer, and your skin will feel clearer. Regular acne facials will also help keep your pores clean and refined between treatment - they help to optimize the results you get from your acne treatment products too. Each of our Signature Acne Facials comes with a thorough skincare consultation with one of our medical aestheticians. We make product recommendations so you're on the best and most effective products for your acne. Being on the right acne skincare routine helps your skin to stay clear so that you can control and prevent your acne breakouts. Every step of your facial is customized for your individual skincare needs. We focus on getting your pores clean to help prevent future breakouts and to soothe skin inflammation and redness, so you look better right away. The techniques we use will vary with your skin type and often include a customized combination of:
  • thorough, yet gentle extractions to deep clean your pores,
  • an application of calming green tea antioxidants and/or hyaluronic acid serums,
  • a specialized soothing mask or cooling and detoxifying green clay mask to draw oil and debris out of your pores.
A glycolic or salicylic acid chemical peel can be added for more intensive results. Would you like to start fall with clear skin? We want to help you! Now through September 15th, we are offering either:
  • $15 off when you book an appointment for our Signature Acne Facial; or
  • $20 off our chemical peel price when you add a glycolic or salicylic acid chemical peel to your Signature Facial (meaning you can add one of these highly effective acne chemical peels for just $20 more).
Call our front desk at (707) 829-5778 to schedule your appointment - the end of summer is the perfect time to make a move that quickly helps to clear up your acne for fall! MaLinda, Medical Aesthetician My passion is helping people look and feel beautiful. I have more than nine years of experience in the skincare and cosmetics industry; having worked as a makeup artist, as a makeup and skincare product specialist for a high-end department store, and as an aesthetician. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and history, but I have found my true calling in the world of skincare. I’ve been a licensed aesthetician since 2007. I love helping my clients achieve healthy, beautiful skin and teaching them how to get the results they’re looking for on a daily basis. Everyone is beautiful with unique attributes that make them special. Finding and highlighting these attributes in a person is my passion – and it’s what I love about my career.