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Discover Healthy Skin Tips via Video from Dr. Cynthia Bailey

New YouTube videos offer dermatologist’s advice and information

I’m starting a YouTube Channel with tips for healthy skin and much more… and I invite you to “Like and Subscribe” at Much to my surprise, I’ve enjoyed doing live videos on Facebook. Because I’m having so much fun talking to all of you there, I decided to take video education to the next level with YouTube. In my videos, I will be covering the sort of educational topics that I write about in my dermatology blog. These are the skin problems and skin wellness topics that I teach patients about in my practice.

Many people learn better by listening to someone talk about a subject, and I hope these videos help deepen your understanding about your own skin health.

We’ve been filming videos for a few months, and my team will release one each week.

Topics include common skin problems like dry hands, rosacea, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.

I’m also going to tell you the sort of info that I tell my patients in the office when I am teaching them how to use products and why I recommend a certain product for their skin care routine. I’m surprised how much I am liking video! For years, my husband was the one responsible for taking family videos, and I always cringed when the camera was on me. Now, I like it and I’m shocked. It could be the year that my body was trying to die from breast cancer. Maybe now, I’m just ecstatic to be alive no matter what I look like – good or bad hair day, circles under my eyes, fat day or skinny day, can’t find the right clothes day – it’s all good and I’m having fun! I invite you to take a look at the videos my team and I create. We will also post them here on the blog so that you don’t miss them. (Believe me, you are going to see our techniques evolve as we get the hang of this new medium!) As art, it is a work in progress. As education, the info is consistent. Please leave comments on our YouTube channel and help give us ideas of the topics you would like to see us cover. I want this to be meaningful for you and fun for everyone. Check out the first video here, and please let me know what you think! Don't forget to Like and Subscribe.