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How to Heal, Treat, and Prevent Eczema

How to Heal, Treat, and Prevent Eczema

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis gets better with the right skin care, and worse with the wrong skin care. This may seem basic, but it's important. I often see eczema getting worse because of diligent use of well-intended, but wrong skin care.

You need to understand why you have eczema so that you can create a skin care routine that actually heals your eczema. The main reason skin care is so important to healing eczema is that the rash of eczema includes small structural spaces between skin cells that create breaks in your skin's barrier strength. Your skin is thus fragile and vulnerable when you have eczema.

  • Harsh soaps and harsh chemicals like household cleaning products will get through your skin’s normally tough barrier to inflame eczematous skin further.
  • Active ingredients in anti-aging skin care and harsh climates can also get into the skin and irritate eczema prone skin.

To heal eczema, you need gentle and hydrating skin care that helps to calm the inflammation. You also want to heal the small breaks in the skin barrier. I give you tips to do both so that your eczematous skin can heal. See my new Dermatologist's Advice Tips for Eczema!

If the type of eczema you suffer from is atopic dermatitis type eczema, I also have specific dermatology information to care for your skin. Atopic dermatitis is the hereditary type of eczema linked to asthma, hay fever, and dry sensitive skin. This is the classic ‘sensitive’ skin group of conditions. Atopic dermatitis may be severe, with widespread eczema. It may also simply manifest as dry and sensitive skin. No matter what the degree of eczema, skin care recommendations to heal and protect your skin are the same. Learn how in my Advice Tips for Atopic Eczema.