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How to Heal Chapped Lips in Winter

Discover the best skin care products to prevent lip chapping

You want to heal chapped lips in winter and throughout the year. But, the big question is:

What are the best (aka right) skin care products to protect lips?

Well, it’s important to look for products that:chapped lips best organic natural lip balm to heal lipe
  • Are deeply hydrating because they contain natural oils that sooth and heal fragile, lip skin.
  • Provide a lip balm that contain a natural wax which can hold tight to lip skin as you talk, drink and eat during the day. The lip balm needs long-lasting lip coverage to help shield fragile lip skin from irritation by spicy and citrus containing foods and drinks that sting and irritate chapped lips.
  • Do not contain common allergens present in popular lip products. Paradoxically, lip products with allergens leave you addicted to lip balm because the allergic reaction feels like dryness. And this has you reapplying lip balm over and over, causing more and more dryness!

You are probably familiar with the cycle - chapped lips that don't heal with lip balm and that sting when you drink orange juice or eat spicy foods.

In my video, I teach you how to take control of this chapped lip cycle. I discuss chapped lips, what the causes are and how to heal them. Check out the video below to learn the right way to care for you lips, prevent dryness and heal your chapped lips once and for all.