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Harmony Farm Supply-A Destination Organic Gardening Center for Spring Veggie Gardening

harmony farm supply

I get the best garden supplies in Sebastopol from Harmony Farm Supply. In this photo, you see my garden filled with supplies from Harmony Farm Supply. It's gardening day nirvana for me! I think my veggie garden is the ultimate locavor experience for me - eating fresh produce from my own backyard. I'm a fan!!

Nothing compares to picking produce warm from the sun and popping it into your mouth-it’s teaming with antioxidants, vitamins and flavor.  Even if all you grow is a tub of cherry tomatoes, those tomatoes will be the tastiest ones you eat this summer.

We have one of the best organic veggie garden resource centers here in Sebastopol- Harmony Farm Supply.  I always recommend a stop at Harmony for my out-of-town gardener patients. We Sonoma County folks love our veggie gardens and Harmony Farm Supply is gardener nirvana. They have the

Harmony Farm Supply is staffed with career plants-people and chock full of everything an organic gardener needs:

  • The range of seeds and veggie starts spans from old garden standbys to a huge variety of esoteric heirloom and native varieties with lyrical, ethnic names that are fun to try
  • Garden bug, disease and pest experts with organic solutions, if and when our plants start looking funny (I owe these guys for all the help they’ve given me over the years)
  • All the organic fertilizer options in the known universe for big, happy veggie plants that are teaming with vitality and nutrients. Fresh organic produce is supercharged with vitality, vitamins and antioxidants. To see the diet I recommend for healthy physiology and skin click here for my free Healthy Eating Guide Ebook.
  • Irrigation experts who help figure out how to water the garden even when we're not home
  • All the other stuff we gardeners could possibly need (tools, pots, trellising, etc.)

The recent weather report says it’ll be 80 degrees for the next 10 days.  That’s an early hot spell and you bet I got my veggie garden in this weekend.  I count my blessings that Harmony is just 10 minutes from my house.  It’s also just 15 minutes north of my office on Highway 116.

They have a small web site but there’s no substitute for bringing your shopping list and questions into Harmony.  Harmony really does have the best garden supplies in Sebastopol for organic gardening. After a trip to Harmony, I’ll bet non-gardeners find inspiration for having at least a pot of cherry tomatoes on their patio this summer.