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Happy Holidays from Dr. Bailey Skin Care!

Happy Holidays from Dr. Bailey Skin Care!

As we near the end of the Holiday season and march towards the end of an interesting 2016, we are reminded to take a breath to reflect on what we are thankful for. Dr. Bailey Skin Care recently asked patients what they were thankful for this past year, and we believe some of the answers might resonate with you. Family, friends, and good health topped the list, as well as remissions and recoveries.As the days, weeks, and months continue to whiz by, have you looked back on 2016 yet wondering where the time has gone and what you are most grateful for?We, the team at Dr. Bailey Skin Care, did their 2016 retrospection and we would like to share what they were most thankful for in this past year! We listed friends, family, health, and great colleagues as the things that most stood out in our hearts. Dr. Bailey Skin Care is a small business made up of a close-knit crew of people here in our Sebastopol office as well as wonderful tech-support collegues spread around the contenent. In graditude, we wish you, our readers, a love-filled Holiday Season and prosperous start to 2017.

If friends and family top your 2016 Gratitude List as well, and you still need gifts for the holidays or a loved one you would like to gift with a little something more, take a look at our Holiday Gift Guide - we will keep these special Holiday Bundles and pricing up until the year's end. Here you will find everything you need for the loved ones in your life, from the busy mom to the pimple-suffering teenager.

If there is a family member or friend in your life that works with their hands, whether construction, cooking, or cleaning, consider the gift of: Busy Hand Kit. It's also the perfect gift for your kids' teachers and all the other generous, hardworking folks you want to thank. Dry and chapped hands are common in the winter, and this kit provides the relief they crave and need. With this kit, you will solve dry hand skin woes. You will be the 'miracle worker' for anyone suffering with dry hands and your gift will stand out as a thoughtful acknowledgement of how much you appreciate all the hard work that has lead to their chapped hands!

Or if you have a teenager (or adult!) in your life that is plagued with the pimple blues, give the gift of relief with The Ultimate Acne Kit for Sensitive Skin. Show you care and take their stress away from having to ask for help. Give them this proven and complete skin care routine that dermatologist Dr. Bailey developed to treat the most common causes of acne.moisture quenchUltra acne kit sensitive skinIt's never too late to give gifts that help and delight, especially for the people who mean so much. So for that family member, friend, or colleague who has made 2016 brighter for you, remember to thank them, and if you need help expressing the gratitude you feel in your heart, we have tangible ways to say 'thank you' at Dr. Bailey Skin Care - everyone needs the right skin care and Dr. Bailey is here to help.

We also want to thank you for your continued support! We are grateful for your readership, comments, and shares!

Blessings and Gratitude,

The Dr. Bailey Skin Care Team