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Happy First Birthday To OTB Skincare Blog

This past week marked my first year as a blogger!

This is a big deal for me. I've never considered myself a writer, and in fact it doesn't come easy for me. Yet, here I am.....and I'm having fun doing it. I've written 99 articles for my blog here at OTB Skincare. I love looking back on my posts -- they're like friends and the process of writing them has been soul satisfying. The highlights for me are pairing my articles with beautiful photos from Flickr, growing my web/tech skills, and the best of all is getting comments from my readers. Keep 'em comin' -- I love your questions and feedback!

As part of my blogging adventure, I've written guest posts on other blog sites. I've joined the social media community, reading other bloggers work and joining their conversations. I've met journalists and been interviewed by them as a skin care medical expert. I've made friends on Twitter and Facebook. In total, blogging has made my world bigger! My articles are read all over the world, but the inspiration comes from my patients and my practice here in Northern California; the web really is a miracle.

So what's ahead for me in year #2? I'm going to keep working to grow my blog and it's readership.  My plan is to get more practical, solid, medical skin care information onto the web where you and other readers can find it.

You know, it's crazy but this birthday post is post number #100!  I didn't plan it that way, it's just serendipity.  It makes me wonder if year #2 will hold some serendipitous surprises.

Happy Birthday OTB Skincare Blog...

Photo: Photobucket and chimothy27