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Is Your Green Tea Container Empty?

Is Your Green Tea Container Empty?

Are You Out of Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy?

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It’s impossible to tell by feel if airless pump containers are empty. Our most popular container that is in an airless pump is Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy. Patients and customers call us all the time asking how to tell if their container is empty or malfunctioning.

Even I can’t tell... and I’ve used this product for years twice a day EVERY DAY!

I actually was out of the country for six weeks and ran out because I could not tell (my skin fell apart and I grew the first ever crusty face barnacle.) The situation was that I gave my “spare” to a friend who was so enthused about my enthusiasm, and two days later, my pump ran out. Drat!!

So, I’ve taken a container apart for you to help you see what’s up with an airless pump and why the darn thing feels heavy and full when it’s not.

My aesthetician Danielle has the best solution yet for these airless pumps – write the date you open it on the container with a Sharpie pen. Learn how long the container lasts for you, and be prepared with a spare as you get close to the end.

To see why the container doesn't feel empty and watch me take it apart – girly techniques and all – check out my video here.

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