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The Fantastic, Skin Care Benefits of Green Tea!

The Fantastic, Skin Care Benefits of Green Tea!

What's so great about green tea, anyway?

Green tea has been my favorite calming skin care antioxidant for years. I’ve added it to the facial skin care routines of thousands of my patients and watched over and over again how beneficial it is.

My very first astounding observation was when I added it to the rosacea skin care routine of a skin-cancer-prone, fair-complected woman who was in her mid-40s. I had been her dermatologist for many years.

Every six months, I would examine her face and find a minimum of 15, and usually more, precancerous growths that needed treating. The next visit after she started using the green tea cream, I could only find 3. I didn’t make the connection at first, but as I was congratulating her on what I assumed was stellar use of her sunscreen and hats she said, “Well, you know, I’ve been using that Green Tea cream too.”

She was right. I started looking at more patients who I had put on the cream for rosacea and seborrhea, and they too had a huge reduction in their precancer growths. Their rosacea and seborrhea were also much less red and irritated, too.

Complexions that had suffered for years with redness and inflammation were now calmer and less irritated.

They also formed fewer skin cancers and precancers.

Where I practice dermatology, so many of my patients are active outdoors – gardening, hiking and enjoying our nice climate. They have had a significant lifetime of sun exposure on their facial skin. There are also a lot of people with Northern European ancestry here. This means that my patients are also prone to seborrhea and rosacea.

The triad of seborrhea, rosacea and skin-cancer-prone skin means that I’ve cared for many people who struggle with chronic, facial ruddy redness and precancerous growths. Green tea has proved itself over and over again as a huge benefit to my patients; I see it daily in my dermatology practice, and I’m a huge green tea skin care fan.

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