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Great BRCA Ovarian Cancer News!!

 ovarian cancer survivor Dr Cynthia Bailey dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey, Dermatologist and BRCA Breast Cancer Survivor!
  Great News!! I’m ecstatic to announce that this morning I spoke with my gynecologic-oncologist Dr. Dorigo from Stanford and my ovaries and tubes are cancer free!! So was an “ovoid body” that showed up on the pre-op ultrasound! I can see my life as a non-cancer person taking form – I’ll be making plans, traveling, doctoring and living as a vital and capable normal person again who can carry her own groceries, drive when she needs to and stay up late when she wants to - and I’ll have normal person hair on my head (and chin too, but that does not matter so much anymore). Oh to dodge a bullet that included another year of horrible surgeries, chemotherapy and worry feels so liberating. What to do now?! Basking in the glow for sure and yet the reality is almost incomprehensible. Holy cow!! BRCA and triple negative bilateral breast cancer has been such a ride, and is it almost over?? Can it ever be? Wow, right now I don't even feel a need for that answer! Thank you to everyone who has sent me prayers, healing energy, warm thoughts, cards, emails, blog comments or visited me, walked with me, talked with me you name it – the support has been huge and I believe it tipped the balance against tough odds. I’m deeply grateful to you all and looking forward to sharing life with you in a future that does not revolve around cancer treatment survival. Blessings, Gratitude and Euphoria, Cynthia Bailey, MD Board Certified Dermatologist and BRCA Breast Cancer Survivor   Thank you for sharing my great ovarian cancer news with any breast cancer or ovarian cancer survivor or someone on the journey too. We are all in this together.