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Chapped Lips facial skin care

Got Chapped Lips? Skin Care Tips for the Coming Winter

Chapped Lips skin careGot Chapped Lips?

This week we are starting a miniseries of Dr. Bailey's new skin advice pages featuring her "Skin Care Advice by Skin Types." We will start off with a "chapped lips" review for the coming winter season. As summer comes to a close and the cold weather settles in, you may start to notice your lips dry out and become chapped. Dr. Bailey has provided a synopsis of her tips in her Chapped and Dry Lips Skin Care Advice Section.

Why Do We Develop Chapped Lips?

There are four main causes of chapped lips:
  1. Environmental factors, including cold weather and wind
  2. Irritation, like excessive lip licking
  3. Harsh products, including migration of powerful anti-aging or acne products
  4. Allergens that come from a variety of sources, like dental products, lip balms, food, or beverages
In the case of allergens, the usual culprits Dr. Bailey finds for chapped lips are: citrus, mint, cinnamon, and lip balms. Dr. Bailey details in her advice section why these are the "usual suspects" for allergy chapped lips.

How Do You Heal Chapped Dry Lips?

Dr. Bailey's go-to products for chapped lips are the deeply hydrating and soothing Ceralip and EltaMD Lip Balm with SPF 31. Best Chapped Lips balm for winter best Chapped Lips sunscreen

Are the Healing Methods for Chapped Lips the Same for All Causes?

According to Dr. Bailey, this is not necessarily true. Dr. Bailey breaks down the best methods for treating chapped lips based on the cause, ranging from using hypoallergenic lip balms to identifying your allergic reaction triggers. Check out her advice page on chapped lips for a more thorough discussion on these topics.

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