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Give the gift of a brighter complexion with our glycolic acid skin care products

Dr. Bailey has made it a little easier for you to give the gift of great skin to your loved ones (or yourself)!


treat wrinkles, age spots, and acne Unique Gift Ideas
Not all glycolic acid products work. Learn why and find the best products to brighten your complexion and treat wrinkles, age spots, and acne. Glycolic acid facial creams are powerful skin lightening products and they're the best nonprescription facial skin care products available to treat wrinkles and brighten skin. When patients ask me how to remove age spots on face and body skin, I always incorporate glycolic acid into their total skin care regimen. Add to that the fact that glycolic acid helps unclog pores to treat acne, and you can see why it's in so many facial care products. The trick is to find strong glycolic acid facial skin care products that work, and unfortunately not all glycolic acid products deliver results. That's because their ph and free acid content vary and you can't get that information from reading the product label!

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