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get rid of dry skin on your hands with dermatologist's tips

What to Keep Off Your Hands

Does exposing your hand to certain things cause severe chapping?

It’s mid-winter and many people’s hands are chapped about now. Once your hands become dry and chapped, your skin gets worse and worse when exposed to products and conditions that continue to pull out skin lipids and water, resulting in a denatured barrier protein. Skin lipids and water are the key elements of skin barrier health.

Get rid of dry skin on your hands by avoiding these skin drying things as much as possible:

  • Harsh soaps – like dish washing soap. Strong soaps pull out precious skin lipids, resulting in damage to your skin barrier
  • Hot water – again, this gets grease off the pots and pans, but it also pulls out precious skin lipids
  • Solvents such as alcohol (think hand sanitizers), acetone (nail polish remover) – these pull out lipids and can denature protein in your skin barrier.
  • Hot air (like the car heater turned on cold hands) – this pulls out skin water, dehydrating your skin, leading to rough and tight feeling skin

The medical name for dry and chapped hands is really ‘irritant hand dermatitis’.

Your hand skin is thick and designed to take abuse. The outer barrier is a brick and mortar structure of dead cells filled with keratin protein (the bricks) in a mortar of lipid.

Once the skin barrier structure starts to break down, your hand skin becomes fragile and can't take much abuse; the damage snowballs with every exposure - from dryness to chapping to hurting and cracking. - Dr. Bailey

In talking about this post with my husband, he confessed to having gone even one better with a big ‘no-no’ hand exposure.

  1. He recently got his hands into tractor grease (we have a vineyard).
  2. He couldn’t get the grease off with harsh soap so he used gasoline.
  3. He couldn’t get the gasoline off with the harsh soap so he used Comet!

Yep – a total chain of hand skin disaster. His hands survived because he started this misadventure with skin that was in good shape - because his loving wife has the right products at every sink and he uses them!! Had he done this to chapped hands I would have heard about the symptoms instead of the curious story.

get rid of dry skin on hands

Bottom line for how to get rid of dry skin on your hands

Take good care of your hands so that they can stand up to the occasional insult. Once chapping starts, protect them until they’ve healed – which can take months to rebuild that thick brick and mortar barrier integrity.

What products do I use in my dermatology practice, and do my husband and I use personally, to get rid of dry skin on our hands?

Survival Kit for Busy Hands (a great dry hand relief product set for in the kitchen)

get rid of dry skin on hands

Naturally Busy Hands (a great dry hand relief product set for in the bathroom)

get rid of dry skin on hands naturally

The best healing dry skin chapped hand remedy when activities have been hard on your hands

My Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit saves my hands during gardening season, which is when my hands cry out for extra TLC.

dry skin hand repair kit

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