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Freshen Up Your Sun Protection In Spring (and Save!)

Freshen Up Your Sun Protection In Spring (and Save!)

Do you love and trust your sun protection at this very moment?

Spring is bursting forth outside! Birds are flitting about everywhere, colored up in breeding plumage, buds are opening into blooms almost overnight, and you are waking from your winter doldrums, drawn into the brilliant green and bright blue of the outdoors. And you need wonderful sun protection to meet it all.

Do you have fresh new sunscreen and a lovely new hat?

It’s officially Spring! I advise everyone to start each season with fresh sunscreen. Believe me, you don’t exactly remember what abuse your products suffered at the end of last summer – quality time in a hot car or beach bag perhaps?

We have new products you will love! Browse and treat yourself (save with our little coupon code below). What's your pleasure?



And Hats...

We’ve got the trending pastels of spring, plus good 'ol staples.

Whether you celebrate Easter, Eostare, Ostare, Eastre or Passover, Pesach – it’s all spring and it feels amazing. Spring forward into it protecting what is precious - your skin and the skin of those you love.

Get fresh sunscreen and a colorful dermatologist recommended sun hat (or two) that makes you smile.

What Sun Hat Color Are You Craving?pantone 2017 spring color report

Is it one of the Pantone 2017 colors that are all over magazines right now?

I’m craving blush pink, Polynesian blue, and slate gray (what’s up with that??)

Every spring, I also tank up the bathroom drawers and my kids with sunscreen for our activities. It's a ritual. I get us all:

  • new bottles or tubes of our favorite daily facial products
  • durable, but elegant products for the body, for those chic social occasions,
  • I also make sure we have a 'bullet proof', high-performance products for gardening, home care chores, and our honey-do days when we get sweaty and dirty.

I randomly treat my girlfriends too. Why not? Pretty bucket hats (they're a great price!) or sunscreen that feels like Easter treats. The hats fit almost every woman's head and I LOVE SPRING - and I love sharing!

What Are Your Sunny Spring Plans?

Graduations, picnics, Easter egg hunts, hiking, bird watching, gardening, or a vacation! I’m getting my veggie seeds in, picking asparagus and lettuce, planning to linger on the patio with my morning tea or a weekend lunch, and walking my dog as many times a week as possible. I want to join the brilliant green, blue, yellow, and pink of spring!

Those of you who know my recent cancer misadventure will understand my happiness to be alive for Spring 2017. I'm excited to enjoy all it holds, and I’m getting my loved ones ready to be outside with me.

Let me help you too! We have 15% off hats paired with sunscreen, from now until Easter Sunday, April 16th 11:59 pm PST.

Use coupon code: READY4SUN