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US News and World Report Skin Cancer Article

Find me in US News and World Report today

US News and World Report Skin Cancer ArticleUS News and World Report's online Health Section just posted an excellent 'reality check' story about the consequences of sun exposure and tanning.  I'm pleased to have contributed to the article as a skin care expert.  Click below to read the piece, it's one of the best articles I've seen on the subject; it's comprehensive, informative, well written and entertaining all at the same time. I'm convinced that the more times people hear this message the more likely it is to sink in and save lives.  This year I'm seeing it all over the web and I'm thrilled!  The US News and World Report piece is a great addition.... and I wonder....

Will this be the year that tans and burns are finally 'out' and sun protection is 'in'?  Will tan-line-free skin be the new 'healthy'?

A dermatologist can dream....... Click here to read the article: 1 in 5 Americans Will Get Skin Cancer, Will It Be You?