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"Find It Again Friday" - What Skin Care Products Are Best after Obagi Nu Derm?

Earlier this week, a blog reader called our office asking which products Dr. Bailey recommends after completing Obagi Nu Derm. For those currently on or who have previously used Obagi products, you should already be aware of Obagi's prescription-strength properties that prevent it from being used with particular products. After all that hard work to reduce uneven facial skin pigmentation, it would be a shame to cause a relapse by accidentally using the wrong type of skin care products! In her blog post "What Skin Care Products Are Best after Obagi Nu Derm?," Dr. Bailey details the type of products that will maintain the results from the Obagi Nu Derm system without counteracting Obagi's effects on your skin. The post also outlines a new daily skincare regimen. Hopefully past, current, and future Obagi Nu Derm users will find her blog post helpful. Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Doable/amanaimages/Corbis