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"Find It Again Friday" - Skip the Tan & Eat Your Veggies for Beautiful Skin

As summer comes to a close, how can you keep that summer glow during the fall and winter?

It is tempting to break out the self-tanners and or visit spray-tan salons to get that summertime look during the winter, but there is a better solution: change your diet!   In her post "Skip the Tan & Eat Your Veggies for Beautiful Skin," Dr. Bailey details how to combine foods rich in beta-carotene with unsaturated oils to create that healthy summer skin glow all year. However, moderation is key to any diet, so don't overload carrots into your diet or you might be surprised to find your healthy tan transform into an orange "fake tan" color. Check out the link above to read Dr. Bailey's advice on how to prepare veggies with high levels of beta-carotene to maximize absorption of this provitamin and to develop a "natural" summer looking tan. Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Doable/amanaimages/Corbis