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"Find It Again Friday" - Post-Summer Face Care Treatment Trends

This Friday, we are following our last feature, "Dermatologist's Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream," with a more comprehensive review for post-summer skin care. Already in our dermatology office, we have seen a significant increase in laser treatments and microdermabrasion services to treat those pesky sun spots and uneven skin texture caused by prolonged sun exposure.

Why is post-summer the best time to renew your skin?

The cosmetic procedures most effective for skin repair and rejuvenation require reduced-to-no exposure to sunlight. As the intensity of the sun decreases during the post-summer months, it becomes the optimal time to use powerful skin cosmetic procedures and products. The best way to start your skin combat strategy is to plan early, as the "skin rejuvenation season" starts now until mid-spring. By planning out your post-summer treatments, not only will it allow your skin to have the proper amount of time to heal, but it will also allow you to more effectively spread out your funds, since several cosmetic procedures will be costly if completed all at once. Check out Dr. Bailey's detailed list for the best products and dermatology/aesthetician treatments to renew your summer weathered skin in her post "Post-Summer Face Care Treatment Trends." Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Doable/amanaimages/Corbis