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"Find it Again Friday" - Great Self-Care Advice for Cold and Flu Season

Unfortunately, we are coming upon cold and flu season again. Over the past few weeks, not only have I had a few clients with a mild case of the sniffles, but I also have had clients reschedule their appointments due to a cold or sore throat.  I even felt a little “under the weather” last week too, which brought my energy level to an annoying low. You know the kind: you feel sluggish and blah, but not enough to warrant calling yourself “sick.”  As an aesthetician, maintaining a strong immune system and consistent energy level is extremely important. Looking through some of Dr. Bailey’s past posts, I found a great one about this specific topic: Great Self-Care Advice for Cold and Flu Season. I used tips #4 and #5 to help shorten the duration of my “almost cold” last week! Focusing on cold and flu prevention through boosting our immune systems and staying healthy will help us all to fully enjoy the energy and festivities of the upcoming holiday season. Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis