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"Find it Again Friday" - Does Eating Olive Oil Prevent Wrinkles?

For the past few weeks we have been focusing on the best anti-aging skin care products for men and women. The final piece to the anti-aging skin care routine puzzle, or any skin care routine for that matter, is to choose foods that help fight free radical formation and dryness in the skin. Scientists have found the ingredients in olive oil manage this task best, especially when compared to other oils and fats. Dr. Bailey helps explain which ingredients in olive oil are responsible for anti-aging effects in her post: Does Eating Olive Oil Prevent Wrinkles? The benefits of a "Mediterranean Diet" have been featured on the news for overall health. One of the main aspects of a Mediterranean diet is olive oil. The "Mediterranean Diet" is beneficial for skin health, as well as overall health. However, Dr. Bailey stresses to consume olive oil in moderation; the USDA recommends, at most, 6 tablespoons a day of oils/fats. The best way to incorporate olive oil into your diet is to substitute it for butter or vegetable oil in your food preparation. Overall, it is important to be mindful of the amounts and types of food you intake on daily basis. And by selecting particular foods, you can help boost your skin health so you look young and fresh every day. Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Doable/amanaimages/Corbis