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"Find It Again Friday" - Best Men’s Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Recently, we received a comment from one of our readers referencing her husband's success with glycolic acid products and his skin care regimen:
"I just love the Glytone 3 Cream for myself, and I have my husband using the 15%. His skin has never looked better!" Susan, CA
Hearing women encourage their husbands to be proactive in their skin care excites us because skin care should not be confined to a particular age or gender. The skin care industry tends to target women. However, men have many of the same skin care concerns as women. There are several products that cross gender lines and even skin care regimens that specfically target men. As Susan related to us through her quote above, men will find a skin care routine just as beneficial as any woman if given the opportunity. And this is why Dr. Bailey has addressed the main skin care concerns for men in her previous post, Best Men's Anti-Aging Skin Care Products. Men deserve to have just as brilliant and healthy-looking skin as women. And, with just a few simple tricks, they can achieve amazing results. Be sure to check out Dr. Bailey's other posts in her "Men's Skin Care Series," including: Best Men’s Skin Care for Clogged Pores and Acne Best Men’s Skin Care For Flaky Facial Skin Please feel free to share your success stories below and don't be afraid to share your passion for skin care with your mate. You might be surprised to find he/she will be just as interested as you, especially once they experience the dramatic results of a good skin care routine. Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Doable/amanaimages/Corbis