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back acne and chest acne

Dermatologist's Tips to Clear Back Acne

Did you know that back acne can be different than facial acne?

Bacne can be a real spoiler when tank tops, backless shirts and dresses and bathing-suit season heats up. It needs a unique combination of medicated acne-treating products to clear it up. Learn how I’ve treated back acne in my dermatology practice for years. These are the same products I use for my family to treat this acne skin problem.

Why is back acne different than facial acne?

Back acne often is a combination of both Pityrosporum folliculitis (a type of yeast acne) and acne vulgaris (the most common type of facial acne). Pityrosporum folliculitis is caused by the Pityrosporum yeast co-conspiring with the C. acnes bacteria (formerly called P. acnes) that causes acne vulgaris.

Pityrosporum folliculitis tends to hyperpigment after the acne lesions heal. The lesions are a combination of bright red, itchy and tender pustules with many, tiny flesh-colored bumps that represent plugged keratin in the pores. Both of these lesions can hyperpigment.

The hyperpigmentation can last long after the acne is healed. This means that you need to jump on back acne treatment fast to prevent hyperpigmentation. Since pigment production is stimulated by sun exposure, you need to clear the acne as much as possible before exposing skin to sun – such as tank tops, swimsuits and the other, warm weather skin-baring fashions you will wear in warm weather.

Why is treatment for back acne different than for facial acne?

Back skin is thicker and tougher than facial skin. Most acne products are designed for facial acne, and they don’t penetrate back skin. In addition, application is impractical – most acne products come in facial application sizes, and back and chest surface area is much larger. I use the strongest medicated level products in soaps that leave a residual of medicine on the skin to treat acne after you step out of the shower. I also use an exfoliating cloth to help thin the dead cell barrier layer on tough chest and back skin. The combination is highly effective, convenient and economical.

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Learn my dermatologist’s treatment tips for back acne treatment in my latest video below: