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Fashion & Skin Care Protection – Yes, It’s Possible

Skin care protection usually brings up images of...well...something less than sexy.

Paul-Hogan-Zinc-oxide-300x223 Photo courtesy
                        But unless you want to look like this
way-too-much-sun Photo courtesy
              there is a better way. It may seem hard to believe but fashion and skin care protection CAN go hand-in-hand. skin care protection with high fashion black and white hat                         No really! Beautiful happy woman in hat on summer meadow                         It may seem a little redundant to bring up sun protection in the winter, but winter sun can be just as damaging! So while you put on sunscreen even in the winter, cute child applying sunscreen at the beach for fashionable Hats for skin care protection   keep in mind that sunscreen is only as good as how you apply it. Dr. Bailey's skin care protection advice is to use clothing as protection whenever possible! Thank goodness skin for sun protection just so happens to also be fashionable. Don't believe me? Here are some key pieces: A hat with a three inch brim all around is a good start! fashionable Hats for skin care protection   Scarves are important for any skin showing around the neck. Make sure the scarf material isn't "holey." You don't want any sun to peep through. skin care protection   Scarves are super fashionable right now. How very convenient! And believe me, there are plenty of fun scarves that are also excellent at skin protection. iStock_000039472800_Large   There must be 1000 different ways to wear a scarf, so you never have to get bored. Here are several to get you started: 15 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf by The Fashion Spot Over 40 Ways to Tie a Scarf by Modas aos Pedacos Sunglasses are also an important part of sun protection - you can do sun damage to your eyes, too. skin care protection and fashionable sun glasses   Don't forget, you can add gloves for that touch of class. And for skin protection, of course.
skin care protection with large brim hats Photo courtesy Elle
See? Skin care protection and fashion DO go hand-in-hand! Want some more ideas? Check out Dr. Bailey's Pinterest boards to plan a few outfits and dream.

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