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itchy arms Best summer skin care for smooth skin

Fall Skin Care Tips and Changes

Best summer skin care for smooth skin As summer comes to a close, it's time to switch to your fall skin care routine. In her blog post, "The 8 Best End-of-Summer Skin Care Tips," Dr. Bailey explains:
Your skin changes with the seasons and your skin care should too.
During the fall, most people want to focus on getting their skin in shape for the holidays and reversing the damage to their skin from the summer months. Currently, Dr. Bailey is writing a blog series on one particular post-summer skin issue: sun spots. So far she has discussed the causes and treatments. However, in this blog, we will revisit other tips Dr. Bailey has shared regarding fall skin care.

Dr. Bailey's Top Fall Skin Care Tips

1. Exfoliate and Smooth Your Skin

Exfoliation reveals the soft and smooth skin underneath your weathered summer skin by removing dry, dead skin cells. As added bonus, it improves the absorption of your other skin care products.

Body: For simple physical exfoliation consider: Buf Puf Body Sponge or Salux Wash Cloth. Also check out Dr. Bailey's comprehensive Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit that combines physical and chemical exfoliation.

buf puf body sponge for exfoliation

Best Exfoliating Shower Cloth Salux Cloth

best skin care for smooth summer skin


Face: Check out Buf Puf Facial Sponge for physical exfoliation or Glycolic Acid Facial Skin Care Kits for chemical exfoliation.

"I love Replenix Power of Three Cream as well as the new Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Cream that she has recently introduced. I also use the Zinc Bar along with the Buff Puff that she recommends. Since I started using Dr. Bailey’s products, my Rosacea has cleared up. I have referred several of my friends to the website." - Nancy A

Deep Exfoliation: Try Replenix Scrub with bamboo beads twice a week or Clarisonic Brush Cleansing System for deep pore cleansing.

I thought that I noticed an improvement but until friends and my hairdresser began to compliment me on my looks, telling me that my skin looked glowing, did I realize what the difference it made. - Florence B on Replenix Scrub

2. Get Your Acne under Control

Ultimate Acne Solutions Skin Care Kit Acne flares up due to changing weather conditions, diet, etc. It's best to get your acne under control with the changing seasons. Read Dr. Bailey's Acne Skin Care Tips, in which she discusses all types of acne. Also check out her Acne Skin Care Kits for treatment of traditional acne. "Love your 2 % acne pads, zinc soap, and citrix sunscreen. They have changed my skin. I wish I had found this 10 years ago, thank you thank you. Please don't discontinue these products. I can't live without them!! - Rebekah A.

3. Adapt Your Sun Protection for Fall UVA Rays

Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen It is essential to use a broad spectrum sunscreen during the fall months, because UVA rays are the most prevalent UV rays during the fall. Dr. Bailey prefers mineral zinc oxide products for broad spectrum physical block of UVA and UVB rays. Dr. Bailey has organized a sunscreen comparison chart to help you chose the sunscreen that is perfect for your fall skin care. Also, try Dr. Bailey's personal favorite Suntegrity 5-in-1 BB Cream, which is not only a sunscreen, but also a primer for any makeup or light cover-up for your no-fuss morning routine.

4. Smooth Rough and Callused Feet

Sandals may be perfect for summer weather, but they do a number on your feet. Your feet become dry, callused, and rough after a summer of wearing sandals. Dr. Bailey has created a Smooth and Soft Feet - Rough Skin Remover Kit to treat this very issue. best tip for fixing rough skin on feet

5. Prevent or Treat Chapped Lips

If battling chapped lips after your many outdoor adventures or prepping for the coming colder weather, it is important to nourish and re-hydrate your lips. Use hypoallergenic and deeply hydrating lip balms such as Ceralip and wear mineral sunscreen outdoors such as Liptect. best lip balm for winter sun protection products

6. Visit Your Dermatologist

In terms of fall skin care, Dr. Bailey points out:
I always find more skin cancers on my patients’ skin after summer.
It is imperative for your skin health to have it reviewed by a doctor.

7. Focus on a Skin Healthy Diet

"You are what you eat." At least in terms of skin, this statement rings true. Do your research regarding skin health and diet, but also read Dr. Bailey's recommendation for "The Best Diet for Healthy Skin in 2012."

Take Home Message for Fall Skin Care

Your fall skin care routine should incorporate healing and repair of the skin from the summer weathering and rejuvenation and hydration before the winter months. Always adapt your skin care routine for each changing season. If there are any fall skin care tips you think Dr. Bailey missed, share your favorite fall skin care tips in the comments below! Also let us know: what is the "focus" of your fall skin care routine? For a more in depth overview of Dr. Bailey's fall skin care tips, click here. If you have found these fall skin care tips helpful, please show your thanks by commenting on, sharing, liking, adding to Google+, tweeting, and pinning this post with friends and family. You can do this by using the social sharing buttons above and below this blog post. Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Philip Lee Harvey/Corbis

Sincerely, Dr. Bailey Skin Care Team