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Fall Foods for Healthy Skin

It’s never easier to ‘eat a rainbow’ of fresh fruits and veggies as it is in the fall.  Our farmer’s markets, gardens and grocery stores are overflowing with fresh, local produce- it looks and tastes delicious! The best foods for healthy skin are
  • fresh fruit, veggies and nuts
  • preferably organic
  • eaten in abundance throughout your day
It’s important to ‘eat a rainbow’ of colors because the colors in produce represent different important nutrients and antioxidants. These are natural and important ingredients for healthy skin; eating a diet filled with them is your best strategy for answering the query: how to get healthy skin. Taking handfuls of vitamins and supplement pills can’t compare-you just have to ‘eat the rainbow’. As a dermatologist I treat skin disease, but all the medicine in the world can’t make up for the effects of an unhealthy diet.  I’ve written a number of articles on diet and foods for healthy skin:

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So.... head to your local farmer's market, your garden or the grocery store and stock up on the beautiful rainbow of produce there.  Then eat it; cook with it, slice it up or just wash it then pop it in your mouth.  Your skin will glow and you'll feel as good as you look. Photos: Gratitude and Thanks to Yummyporky and Jenny Downing