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Stress Relief with an Epsom Salt Bath and Aromatherapy

Stress Relief with an Epsom Salt Bath and Aromatherapy

A warm bath can do wonders!

My wise and caring sister-in-law, Kitty, responded to my list of stresses from this week’s Firestorm in Sonoma County saying, “Cindy, you need to go take a hot bath.” She was right. And I am one of the fortunate locals that still have a bathtub. I did it and felt better. Yes, the stresses continue, but the respite soothed my soul. A warm Epsom salt bath is what I took. It has been a folk remedy passed down from generation to generation for well over 100 years. I recommend it, even if science is slow to substantiate its benefit or how specifically to do it. Here is what the doctor (and her sister-in-law) order for all of you under stress who have access to a tub.

How to take an Epsom Salt Bath to Relieve Stress:

  • Create low lighting in the bathroom and fill the tub with warm water. Throw in a handful of Epsom salts (This is magnesium, which may get through your hair follicles and sooth discomfort and the soul – though hard science sits on the fence about this).
  • Add a few drops of a soothing essential oil. Just use a few drops because you want the aromatherapy without a skin irritation or allergy. My favorite essential oil right now is rose geranium. Another excellent option is lavender.
  • Soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Play soothing music or just put your head back and relax. You may want to drink a cup of chamomile tea. I like mine with soy milk. Don’t talk. Don’t think. Just relax and feel the warmth.
  • When you get out of the tub, pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Then, lock in the warm, salted water by applying a hydrating moisturizer to your face, arms, hands, and legs (at least). My favorite, all-natural moisturizing options are here and here.
Bless you all, and may we find comfort when life throws us difficult times. I find that a warm Epsom salt bath scented with rose geranium or lavender essential oil helps. I hope it comforts you in some way as well. What are your favorite ways to reduce stress? Share your tips with us via social media. And for more information on some soothing options, check out all of our moisturizers here.   Reference Uwe Gröber, Tanja Werner, Jürgen Vormann, and Klaus Kisters, Myth or Reality—Transdermal Magnesium? Nutrients. 2017 Aug; 9(8): 813.