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Got Spooky Skin? It's Time for a Halloween Sale!

Got Spooky Skin? It's Time for a Halloween Sale!

Dead Skin Should Not Be Part of Your Costume

I've got the trick and the treat for your skin - a sale with 75% profits going to our local Fire Relief Fund to help victims of the Horrific Firestorms. Bwah hah hah!

Do you have the mysterious and vexing irritation of a never-ending build up of dead skin?

Do flakes rise and rise the moment you take your eyes off the mirror day in and day out? Do dead flakes haunt your, otherwise, perfectly-coifed beard or artistically made-up face? Could it be an other-worldly abduction by forces beyond your control taking over your face, or is it a simple problem that a dermatologist can fix in the real world with science and reason? Another nightmare, zombie-limp, dehydrated flesh, crepey skin with cervices, and a bog of clogged pores, entrapping thick goo, never-ending, rising again… Day after day after day… An abyss with futile attempts at escape… Never ending – on and on and on and… Or, could it be the simple and pure white magic of a non-drying toner that can lift your cleansing routine out of the abyss?

Spooky, irritated dry skin – And rescue!

Step into the world of clarity, science, reason, and the good and caring forces of Mother Nature and dermatology. Rescue is as simple as asking for help from the benevolent combination of good that comes from nature and science.

Seriously, all Halloween aside, Facial Booster Oil, Beard Oil and Toner to the rescue for spooky skin!

Guys, your beard gets flakey and a little rashy, and it can all be pretty scary until you get the magic fix with beard oil. Gals, it's everywhere! Facial flakes entrapped in makeup, where, why and how........ My Omega Enriched Booster Oil does the trick and delivers the treat! Yes, it works with every product on the planet - or in your skin care routine - lotion, serum, makeup all work better with a booster oil. For beards, this potion works magic on what ails the skin under the facial hairs. It also gives spectral luster to your beard and mustache. If you have super sensitive skin, try my Ultra Hypoallergenic Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin Just apply one, scant drop into your palm, rub between your fingers and spread just the tiniest amount in an upward fashion. Start low and move up your beard so that your skin gets what it needs. Finish by stroking down on your beard, and it will shine with vigor and your vitality. The powerful beard magic that is a Facial Booster Oil! Yes, Facial Booster Oil - and for both guys and gals! Dry skin can't haunt your complexion when it's protected by such powerful magic. Tame the endless return of dry flakes, chapping and irritation with oils rich in just the right lipids, antioxidants, vitamins and.....magic to scare away spooky skin. And what about crepey, flaccid, dehydrated skin studded with clogged and large pores? Over cleansing facial skin the wrong way is a path to this never-ending abyss. To help get rid of this scary torture and torment, use a gentle cleanser to wash off dirt, grime and product. And finish with my Hydrating AND Pore Minimizing Toner – powerful magic to hydrate skin and tone pores – a simple blend of science and our brilliant and benevolent Mother Nature.  

Ready to run away from scary, dry skin, deep crevices of gook-filled pores and enjoy your Halloween?

Take advantage of our big sale here. Hurry! These savings won’t last long! Use coupon code SPOOKYSKIN between now and October 31st at 11:59 pm PST to save your 10%.......after midnight, the 10% vanishes into thin air, Bwah hah hah! Plus, 75% of our profits will go to the Fire Relief fund for victims in Northern California. Help your skin while helping others and order today. Fine Print: Terms and Conditions of Sale
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