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Dr. Bailey's Guide to Eating Healthy for Beautiful Skin

Dr. Bailey's Guide to Eating Healthy for Beautiful Skin


Fact: Your complexion and your appearance reflect what you eat – for better or for worse.

The secret to eating your way into beautiful skin is to build a foundation of healthy eating – like the foundation of a building or the base of a pyramid. When the foundation of your daily diet is healthy, adding the occasional "harmful" junk food (like layer cake or martini) may not be so bad. And, adding one of the magical "super foods" such as carrots might actually have your complexion absolutely glowing.

Once you’ve established your foundation of eating healthy, it’s actually easy to maintain. These are also the same foods that fight high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, cancer, diabetes and more.

More than fifteen years ago, I began eating the Mediterranean Alkaline Diet to alleviate and even rid many health issues.  Now, with forty years of nutrition study and personal experience combined, I encourage patients to eat this way as well. Below is a food pyramid that explains the diet, or lifestyle as I like to call it, in a way that's easy to understand. If you are tired of having poor skin and health, try the Mediterranean Alkaline Diet today! For more information see my Ebook page where you can get my free Healthy Eating Guide "How to Eat Your Way to Beauty and Health," plus get a 14-day menu to help you get started.

Remember, if you eat the foods that make you beautiful, you’ll be healthy and full of energy too.


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