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Dr. Bailey's Fall Skin Care Tips

Dr. Bailey's Fall Skin Care Tips

Fall is here and winter is not far behind. Change your skin care now to prevent seasonal chapping and dryness, facial and scalp flaking, redness, and a host of other skin problems that flare up as the weather cools down. This is also the time of year to push hard to fix uneven skin pigmentation and unwanted signs of sun damage and skin aging. So much opportunity! Skin problems change with the seasons and your skin care should change too. As the temperatures drop, and both indoor and outdoor climates start to dry out your skin, you need to moisturize it more deeply than ever. For some reason, skin problems like rosacea, seborrhea/dandruff and psoriasis flare up seasonally at this time too. Because you are out of the sun, now is the best time to ask your skin to make wanted improvements in uneven pigment and signs of aging. These tips from my dermatology practice will help keep your skin stay healthy, attractive and problem-free this season.

Dr. Bailey's Skin Care Recommendations for the Fall

  Tip #1. Intensify your skin moisturizing routine. That means cleansing with gentler soaps and cleansers and hydrating skin with richer moisturizers – everywhere on your body.  Try my Naturally Best Bar Soap in the shower and my Natural Body Lotion or Natural Body Butter immediately after toweling dry from head to toe daily. Acne prone complexions need special care with my Daily Face Cream for Normal to Oily Skin.
  Tip #2. Get serious about your hand care. Cold and flu season has you hand sanitizing and hand washing many times a day – all to the detriment of your hand skin! Add to that the skin chapping that comes from this season's dry air, wind, and cold, and you’ve got the perfect storm for chapped hands. Intercept this with non-drying hand soap and a non-greasy hand cream that can truly heal and protect your hand skin. Get your fix with my Survival Kit for Busy Hands. Hands that are already chapped need even more care, and we have everything you need in my Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit.   Tip #3. Soothe and relieve facial redness and flaking from rosacea and seborrhea by using my Redness Relief Kit. This kit delivers corrective pyrithione zinc to facial skin through the Calming Zinc Soap, a non-drying soap fortified with oats. Then fight inflammation and skin scale by applying Green Tea Antioxidant Cream to facial skin. This product combination has proven itself over and over again in my practice and for web customers as the most effective corrective treatment for soothing facial redness from rosacea, and flaking from seborrhea:
"I’ve tried just about every product, Rx and OTC, on the market and seen numerous dermatologists (spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the process) to get some relief for my ultra-sensitive, rosacea-plagued face, and nothing has really helped…until now. Dr. Bailey’s Calming Zinc Soap and Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy serum, followed by the Glycolix Elite SPF 30, have made a HUGE difference–and in only about a month. My itching and flaking are gone, the redness is almost gone, and I break out much less frequently. It’s like a miracle. I feel so fortunate to have come across her website and wonderful products, and I recommend them highly!" Barbara, July 2014
My advice pages provide more tips for treating facial seborrhea and facial rosacea. Later this week we will provide more dermatologist's skin care tips for the Fall - so stay tuned! And remember, you always get the best results from a Complete Skin Care Routine, where products work collaboratively to achieve your goals. Pick the right products for the 4 essential Complete Skin Care steps:
  1. Cleanse
  2. Correct
  3. Hydrate
  4. Protect
Learn more about how I help my patients and web customers build a Complete Skin Care Routine, so that you can get the best results from your skin care!

How do you change your skin care with the changing seasons? Tell us in the comments below! 

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