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Dr. Bailey’s Blog Subscription Service is Back!

Were you wondering where Dr. Bailey went? Our blog subscription service was temporarily down - but now we're back in action and glad to be with you!  Dear Reader, My team and I were so excited to launch our new high-tech web site in June...and then wondered why nobody noticed! As an extrovert, I was especially lonely for the lovely community of readers that has grown over the years. I wanted your feedback on the new site, both good and bad. We can thank a savvy patient of mine who asked during her office visit, "Why am I not getting your blog anymore?" Holy cow - that’s why the silence! The blog email subscription service was not working! While we were busy geeking out on technical stuff with the new site, the entire team forgot to build our blog "postal service"! Yep, human oversight missed the obvious. Classic example of not seeing the forest because we were so preoccupied with the trees. Finally, the subscription service is now up and running! You will get my blog posts, which I write with you in mind. I’m thrilled, because I've missed you. So let's get back to talking about dermatology and your skin! That being said, we still have another important glitch to fix before our conversations are back to normal - the blog comment function was also overlooked...Don't even get me started! Our web development team is working diligently on this task, prodded frequently by me. I'm determined that this will be up and running soon. For the meantime, you can post your questions and comments to our Facebook page - and we would love for you to do so! To make that easy we will put the link on the bottom of each new blog post. In these two months I’ve written blogs for you that you may have missed. So I’m listing them here. I know that it’s too much to enjoy all at once, so I’ll also send you a weekly "Special Delivery: Summer Blog Roundup" with a few of the missed posts at a time. We’ll do that on Sundays so you can read them like the Sunday paper. You will see that some of the posts are written by my brilliant and grown daughter, Misha Bailey, who has started helping me with this web project. Her "Digging Deeper with Dr. Bailey" series will introduce you to our web site’s new and very powerful search abilities, built for you, so that you can easily find the information you need. Did you know that in the over 7 years since starting this web project I’ve written thousands of pages of dermatology advice and information?! With my old site, many pages were hidden away and hard to find. Now you can find them much more easily on our new site – especially now that our blog subscription service is back online! 10 steps forward, 3 backwards, but it’s all good now. Looking forward to writing for you, and hearing from you, Dr. Cynthia Bailey, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist Missed our blogs in the last 2 months? Here's the list of what's been missed: June Blog Articles July Blog Articles August Blog Articles