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Dr. Bailey's Best Sensitive Skin Care Tips

best sensitive skin careFor anyone with sensitive skin, Dr. Bailey has you covered. Not only does Dr. Bailey receive requests online asking about skin care regimens for sensitive skin, but she also see patients daily with the same issues. This is why Dr. Bailey has compiled her best sensitive skin care tips in the "Sensitive Skin Care Tipssection of the skin care advice navigation menu.

What are the causes of sensitive skin?

According to Dr. Bailey, it may be due to an allergy, environmental conditions, or irritation from harsh products. No matter the cause, sensitive skin indicates your skin barrier is compromised. Essential moisture is able to escape your skin more easily and harsh products penetrate your skin more deeply when your skin barrier is compromised. Do not lose hope; there are methods to repair your sensitive skin barrier using a "hydrating gentle skin care routine."

What is a hydrating gentle skin care routine?

Dr. Bailey's main points for a hydrating gentle skin care routine are as follows:
  • Use only gentle skin cleansers.
  • Use only hypoallergenic products (those that don’t have irritating ingredients or fragrances and complex ingredients that might be allergens).
  • Use warm (not steamy hot) water on your skin.
  • Always apply a deeply hydrating moisturizer right after toweling your skin dry.

Dr. Bailey's Best Sensitive Skin Care Tips and Products

Based on the main points for a hydrating gentle skin care routine, Dr. Bailey has detailed her best sensitive skin care tips and products for the entire body. A brief summary is provided below.

1. Use only gentle cleansers.

Since your skin barrier is compromised, you only want to apply gentle skin cleansers to the areas that need them: soiled areas or areas that have body odor glands. Dr. Bailey details the best sensitive skin care cleansers for each part of the body on her advice page. Customer favorites include: Naturally Best Bar Soap for your body, Toleriane Cleanser for your face, and All Natural Foaming Liquid Hand Soap for your hands. Check out Dr. Bailey's other options on the sensitive skin care advice page. best sensitive skin care

best sensitive skin care


best sensitive skin care

  " I was one of those people who’d try every product on the market, only to be repeatedly disappointed.  Dr Bailey has taken all the guess work out of providing only the best products that truly make a difference in the appearance of the skin."         Hannah D.  

2. Use only hypoallergenic skin care products.

Most sensitive skin care users are aware of locating hypoallergenic products. But even "labeled" hypoallergenic products can aggravate sensitive skin. It is essential to know what ingredients to avoid such as: fragrances, preservatives, anti-aging ingredients, the basic acne treating ingredients, and some sunscreen ingredients. Once you know how to identify triggering ingredients it will enable you to pick the best sensitive skin care products that are truly hypoallergenic.

3. Use warm water on your skin.

Hot steamy water removes the natural oils of your skin. Wash with warm water in order to remove "grease-like" particles that have built up on your skin but not your natural oils. Be sure to rinse off your gentle hypoallergenic cleansers completely since soap attracts oils and will dry out your skin if not fully washed off. 4. Always apply a deeply hydrating moisturizer right after toweling your skin dry. Apply hypoallergenic moisturizer within three minutes after bathing or washing your hands. Pick hypoallergenic moisturizers with rich oils and water-binding ingredients that lock in the moisture from your bathing. Different from cleansers, it is more essential to pick hypoallergenic moisturizers according to your skin type: dry skin vs. oily skin. Great body and facial moisturizers are Dr. Bailey's All Natural Face and Body Butter Cream and All Natural Face, Hand, and Body Lotion for dry skin and oily skin respectively. If you want to know Dr. Bailey's top sensitive moisturizer picks for the body. face, hands, and lips click the following link: sensitive skin care advice page. best sensitive skin care best sensitive skin care " That cream is like a miracle drug!  I’m going to get 2 jars today so I don’t run out.  It softened my skin so much.  You used to always comment on how dry they were and now…..look at them!  I’m going to give the Butter Cream to everyone this year as a gift, it’s fantastic."  Michele P Finally, no matter your skin type, it is important to always protect your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Pure mineral zinc oxide sunscreens are best for sensitive skin. Dr. Bailey provides a Sunscreen Comparison Chart that helps you navigate which sunscreen is best for your skin type and needs.

Bottom Line for Sensitive Skin Care

Despite the challenges sensitive skin presents, it is possible to find skin care products to cleanse and nourish your skin. But knowing what ingredients to look for is half the battle, how you apply and remove these products is just as important. This is why Dr. Bailey has gathered her best sensitive skin care tips on her skin care advice page to help you determine the right skin care regimen for your skin.  Do you have skin care practices or products that you find work for your sensitive skin? Let us know in the comments below! If you have found these sensitive skin care tips helpful, please show your thanks by commenting on, sharing, liking, adding to Google+, tweeting, and pinning this post with friends and family. You can do this by using the social sharing buttons above and below this blog post. Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Push Pictures/Corbis