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Dr. Bailey Featured on How to be a Redhead Blog

How to be a redheadDr. Bailey was recently featured on one of her favorite blogs: How to be a Redhead. In the article, "You'll Never Guess: The (Other) Best Natural Sunburn Remedy," Dr. Bailey shares tips for natural skin care remedies for sunburns beyond aloe vera use. The secret ingredient for a natural sunburn remedy: CUCUMBERS!!! Before providing advice on any sun damage treatment, Dr. Bailey always wants to stress the importance of preventing sun damage first. The best offense in skin care happens to be your defense, aka prevention. As Dr. Bailey had discussed in a series of sun protection posts this summer, it is essential to always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen (zinc oxide sunscreens are best), a broad-brimmed hat, sun-protective clothing, and UV-blocking sunglasses. Check out Dr. Bailey's Sun Protection: A Dermatologist's 5 Best Tips post for more information to prevent sunburn and sun damage of your skin. Also, below are some of Dr. Bailey's favorite sun protection products. Click on the products to understand why she loves them.

Broad Spectrum, Dermatologist-Approved Zinc Oxide Sunscreens

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Dr. Bailey's Natural Sunburn Remedy

What's the secret to ease your sunburn with cucumbers? Follow Dr. Bailey's short guide below and see for yourself:
  1. Chill cucumbers in the fridge.
  2. Blend chilled cucumbers into a paste.
  3. Apply cucumber paste to sunburn for pain and inflammation relief.
  4. Optional: Add aloe vera juice or gel for further healing properties.
  For the full article at "How to be a Redhead" click here.