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Digging Deeper with Dr. Bailey, Part 2

A new series explaining how to find a gold mine of the best clinical information using Dr. Bailey’s new website.

Welcome back to the 2nd installation of Digging Deeper with Dr. Bailey!  In this series, I get to share some of my favorite features of our new website with you.  This series is brought to you by me, Misha Bailey  - that's right, Dr. Bailey's daughter.  In this installment, we'll explore how easy it is to access her treasure-trove of recommendations by using the top gray navigation bar. Using this gray navigation bar, you can quickly navigate the dermatologist-recommended products offered by Dr. Bailey.  We've organized our products into categories based on a combination of factors.  You can search for products by type, quality and area of body focus.  Dr. Bailey has spent years finding and developing high-quality products based on what she finds works best for patients with certain skin types or skin issues, and our new site works to make those products easier for you to find. We have taken great care to categorize products properly according to the commonly communicated needs of our clients and customers.  For example, if we want to find products that are specific to the treatment of Rosacea, we can navigate through specific categories and quickly narrow only to products that apply to specific skin conditions.  If you take a look at the image above, you'll notice there are 9 broad categories already located in the gray navigation bar. These are:
  1. New
  2. Hypoallergenic
  3. Face
  4. Cosmetics
  5. Body and Scalp
  6. Natural
  7. Men
  8. Tools
  9. Shop By
When you hover over each of these categories, you will notice the pop-up menu is divided to let you narrow by "Condition" or "Product Type".  "Condition" refers to various skin conditions including Rosacea, and "Product Type" refers to product categories, such as facial sunscreens, etc.  The conditions and product types included in each of the broad categories have been specifically designed to cover the key conditions Dr. Bailey has observed in her practice, as well as the main product types her patients and customers need. To get started, let's hover our mouse over the "Face" option in the navigation bar.  When the pop-up navigation appears, look in the left "By Condition" column and you'll notice the Rosacea link toward the bottom of the list of options.
Once you click the link within the menu, our site will take you to a results page featuring 42 product results: The product results have each been specifically selected by Dr. Bailey to help improve facial skin suffering from Rosacea.  She has made her selections based on her medical experience, scientific knowledge, and years of dermatology practice.  One of the other features we've added is aimed at making it easier to access advice and information about the products and conditions you are looking to treat. In the image below, you will notice a "View More" button just before the product listings. Locate the "View More" button in the circle: By clicking this button, you can expand this section of the page (as seen in the image below), gaining access to additional information curated for customers seeking help treating Rosacea.  Dr. Bailey wants to empower you to understand what is scientifically known about your skin conditions so that you can make wise choices for your skin care needs!  She has been working for years writing this information for you, and it's here for you to find it when you need it. We have also created a unique way to refine these search results based on the Complete Skin Care Steps identified and created by Dr. Bailey. These are:
  1. Cleanse
  2. Correct
  3. Hydrate
  4. Protect
You will also notice a 5th category called Regimens, which includes complete skin care kits made only by Dr. Bailey. In the Cleanse section, you will find products specifically selected as appropriate for facial skin suffering from Rosacea, and that also cleanse the skin. In the Correct section, you will find products that effectively correct a variety of skin conditions (from Rosacea to aging skin etc.), and are also appropriate for facial skin suffering from Rosacea. In the Hydrate section, you will find products that truly hydrate your skin while also being specifically selected for Rosacea-prone facial skin. In the Protect section, you will find products that protect your skin from harmful sun exposure that also serve facial skin with Rosacea.  We all (hopefully) know sun exposure causes skin cancer and wrinkles. Now let's look at how to find Rosacea products in another section along the top gray navigation section, the Natural products.  This section has been created for those searching for products that are effective and made from natural and/or organic ingredients.
In the Natural, By Condition, Rosacea section there are 29 products that meet this criterion. That's right; Dr. Bailey carries 29 products made with natural and/or organic ingredients that have also been specifically selected as good choices for Rosacea-prone skin. This particular section enables you to find products that meet each of the Complete Skin Care Steps even within the Natural category.  Using our Rosacea example, you can find natural products specific to Rosacea that either cleanse, correct, hydrate, or protect your skin.  If you want to see natural regimens or kits that Dr. Bailey has created for Rosacea, you can look in the Regimens section. You might notice this page is missing the "View More" box we clicked on in the previous example. This is because we are continually working on outfitting each section of our site with the most accurate and detailed information possible.  There is still a lot of information Dr. Bailey wants to provide for you, and it will continue to grow over time. We've spent years working with clients and customers to understand how they shop for quality skin care products, and those conversations are what motivated us to design a system that helps you find products this way. Let's look at one more way to find products on the website using our "Shop by" function. You can access the Shop By feature from either the home page or the top gray navigation menu: Accessing SHOP BY from the home page sidebar Accessing SHOP BY from the gray navigation bar Rosacea is a skin condition, so the image example I've given highlights the "Shop by Condition" option in the navigation menu.  You also have the option to shop by "Product Type" and by "Ingredient Type." Those of us here at Dr. Bailey Skin Care want to help guide you in choosing the best products for your type of skin, the condition you are treating, and your personal ingredient preferences.  We hope the new the new site makes it easier than ever to locate the exact type of products you need to build a complete skin care routine that supports healthy skin.   Misha Bailey is the 30-something year old daughter of Dr. Cynthia Bailey.  She grew up with Dr. Bailey’s “pearls of motherly dermatologist wisdom” and proudly admits to having had very few sunburns in her life.  Misha received her undergraduate Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in Conservation Natural Resources Studies. Intent on saving the world, she continued on and earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School.  After graduation, Misha worked for the State of Vermont’s Division of Emergency Management as the lead Natural Hazard Planner (climate resiliency) for the state, before returning home to California to help her mom project-manage the launch of the new web site.  Don’t worry, she continues to save-the-world; she accepted a position in the environmental and emergency management sphere.  In her spare time, Misha teaches salsa and Kizomba with her partner, Tyler.  Both mother and millennial-daughter love a good project and now that the new site has launched, they are continuing to enjoy working side-by-side on for you. 
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