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Digging Deeper With Dr. Bailey, Part 1

A new series explaining how to use Dr. Bailey’s new website to quickly find a gold mine of the best clinical information! 

We are very excited here at!  After two years of planning and building, Dr. Bailey has unveiled her new site!  We are also thrilled to introduce a new writer to Dr. Bailey's Blog.  My name is Misha Bailey. That's right, I'm Dr. Bailey’s daughter.  I have been happily plugging away on the new site behind the scenes and now I finally get to meet you!  I'm going to give you a tour of some of my favorite features about this gold mine, so put on your seat belts, we are going in!  We’ve worked hard so you have easier access to a dermatologists’ level of skin-health information no matter how busy you are or where you live in the world.  Dr. Bailey has spent years writing a treasure trove of her skin care advice and information, but it was difficult to find on her old site.  We have moved it to a new high-tech site and built every type of search feature we could think of so that you can find the search system that works for you.

For Part 1 of this blog series, I’ll show you some of the fastest ways to find the products and information you need when you need them.

The super savvy search bar at the top of each page is highly specialized and will help you get to where you want to go.  Whether you want to search by product names, general product types, or ingredients, this search bar is your skin’s friend.

For example, what happens if you are looking for my mom’s famous Calming Zinc Bar Soap?  If you have read her advice pages and blog, you know that this product is truly effective at improving your rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and is your all-around daily facial skin care cleanser.  When we put this product name in the search bar, here are the first results we get:

How beautiful is that?!  We got just what we are looking for.  When you do this at home, you will see that product #3 in the search results is our highly popular and successful kit for resolving facial rosacea or seborrheic dermatitis, the Facial Redness Relief Kit With Resveratrol.  It’s as though the search bar read your mind.  Further down in the search results, you will see it's companion product, Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy.  This is a product everyone in my family uses daily!  It comes into the search results because the site has been programmed to know that many people who search for the zinc bar are likely to look for the Green Tea Skin Therapy.  The nice thing about this new site is that when you do a search you will get not only the products you're looking for, but also their companion products, making it easier to find everything you're looking for!

What happens if you know the general product category but you don't know exactly which product you want?

You can search by category now!  For example, let's say you want to find the perfect tinted sunscreen to keep your beautiful skin protected all day long.  You're also looking for a product that doubles as your makeup primer and conceals hyper-pigmentation or blemishes.  Enter in those specifications and these are your search results:

Let's say you are looking for body lotions:

This brings you our top 3 body lotion products.  From there you can decide if you want an all-natural body lotion, a body lotion with glycolic acid or the body skin care kit that hydrates your body, skin and more.  Plus, there are other great product suggestions below these top 3 as well.  So when you have a general product category in mind you can plug it in, see what comes up, and play around with the different product options you find. Wow, a search bar that not only works, but makes it easy for you to explore new products that give your skin what it needs!  Yay!

Just for fun let’s do one more example of how you can use this search bar.  Let's say you are looking for a specific ingredient.

For example, if you search for benzoyl peroxide, your top 2 search results would look like this:

How cool is that?  If you know the ingredient you are looking for, type it in the search bar, and viola!  This method of searching for products also allows you to peruse the range of products that contain your desired ingredient; there may be products that would be great for your skin that you didn't even know existed!  The other products that this search brings up are: Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Cream 10% Extra StrengthFoaming Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Cleanser, Back and Body Acne Kit, and many more.

Now it's your turn to explore how this search bar can bring you what you are looking for!  Whether you have a specific product name in mind or you want to explore a general product type or ingredient type, our site has real gems and now it is much easier to find the helpful and honest products Dr. Bailey has hand-picked for you.  There is so much more that I am excited to show you, so stay tuned for Digging Deeper with Dermatologist Dr. Bailey, Part 2.  We will look at how you can use the top gray navigation system to hone in on the products for specific conditions and skin types. In the meantime, take’er for a ride and enjoy the exploration!

Misha Bailey is the 30-something year old daughter of Dr. Cynthia Bailey.  She grew up with Dr. Bailey’s “pearls of motherly dermatologist wisdom” and proudly admits to having had very few sunburns in her life.  Misha received her undergraduate Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in Conservation Natural Resources Studies. Intent on saving the world, she continued on and earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School.  After graduation, Misha worked for the State of Vermont’s Division of Emergency Management as the lead Natural Hazard Planner (climate resiliency) for the state, before returning home to California to help her mom project-manage the launch of the new web site.  Don’t worry, she continues to save-the-world; she accepted a position in the environmental and emergency management sphere.  In her spare time, Misha teaches salsa and Kizomba with her partner, Tyler.  Both mother and millennial-daughter love a good project and now that the new site has launched, they are continuing to enjoy working side-by-side on for you. 

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