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Why Diet and Exercise MAY Help Prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia

This is big news, and highly motivational! The science is still early, but..... Mayo Clinic researchers published a study showing that heart disease and Alzheimer's are caused by the same kind of problems.  This means that all the diet and lifestyle recommendations to help prevent heart disease also apply the Alzheimer's. It means YOU, and the people you love, can possibly lower your risk of getting Alzheimer's if you eat right and exercise!  This is huge and it's the kind of stuff that motivates me to make healthy diet and fitness choices for myself and my family. I know this isn't a dermatologic topic, but it's so important that I have to get the news out.  I found this medical study while reading Happy Healthy Long Life , one of my favorite blogs.  It's written by a healthy-lifestyle advocate and medical librarian who gets the 'hot off the press' scientific articles the minute they're published.  This Alzheimer's study is big news and just the beginning of the Alzheimer's and lifestyle connection story. The take home message is that if beauty, diabetes, heart disease and weight management weren't motivation enough, we can now add Alzheimer's to our reason's for committing to a healthy diet and fitness regimen. The bottom line is that the same lifestyle recommendations you know you should follow for your heart now apply to your brain.  This means:
  1. No smoking.  (A good idea for your skin's beauty too!)
  2. Get regular cardio exercise.  My goal is 3 sessions of 50 minutes of cardio for a grand total of 150 minutes per week.
  3. Eat a heart-healthy diet that's predominantly low fat and plant-based with a minimal amount of refined sugars or grains. There's a lot of diet misinformation in supermarkets and circulating in the media.  I created my Alkaline Mediterranean Diet to help myself and my patients understand what I think is the healthiest way to eat.  It now looks like my Alkaline Mediterranean Food Pyramid is good for our brains too.
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