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healthy hand skin

Dermatologist's Skincare Tips for Hands, Nails, and Cuticles

healthy hand skinDry hand skin, splitting and brittle fingernails, dry cuticles, and hangnails are problems that plague everyone from time to time. In my dermatology practice, I'm often asked for advice to treat and prevent these problems. I want to share with you 5 popular articles that I've written on hand and nail problems.  These posts have my recommendations for really effective hand and nail care essentials. These are simple steps that don't take extra time in your day.

Just replace your nail skin care and the method you use to dry your hands with this hydrating skin care and - poof, like magic - your hand skin, cuticles, and nails will be hydrated and healthy. 

Implement moisturizing hand and nail care now now - before fall starts - to prevent that inevitable hand chapping. You know it's true: when the weather changes and cold and flu season starts up (bringing with it the hand sanitizing craze), your hands chap. Click on the links below to check out the advice I give my dermatology patients for healthy hand skin, fingernails, and cuticles. Dermatologist's Tips for Dry, Chapped, Painful Hand Skin Cracked, Dry, Brittle, and Splitting Fingernails: Dermatologist's Tips What Causes Weak, Splitting Fingernails? Doctor's Advice for Nail Care: Cuticles, Fingernails, Hangnails, and More Pandemic of Dry Hands: Hand Sanitizers, the Swine Flu, and Tips to Save Your Dry Hands