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Dermatologist’s New Natural Product Line

Dermatologist’s New Natural Product Line

In celebration of Earth Day, I’m announcing the release of my new line of skin care products!

Dr. Bailey Skin Care Naturally

Green your skin care by using only the best natural and organic dermatologic botanicals from our Mother Earth. Love her back when you use fewer chemicals in your skin care and household products. Let me help you chose products wisely, so you achieve your skin care goals while you also ‘green’ your skin care routine. Did you know that the most people in North America use an average of 12 personal care products a day, exposing them to 168 artificial chemicals! What’s on your skin is important for what’s in and on your body – and the Earth. You don't need to sacrifice results when you can choose wisely. Smart skin care balances the best advances in skin care science with our global need to use fewer chemicals. I’ve done this with my new line of natural, dermatologist-approved skin care products. These are products that form the basic building blocks to everyone’s skin care routines. We can then add products with advanced pharmaceutical ingredients (aka chemicals) to strategically address skin problems. The end result is great skin and fewer chemicals on and in you – and the earth. Here’s how it works: Build your complete skin care using
  1. My new natural products as your skin care basics.
  2. Add the best pharmaceutical grade therapeutic products to treat skin problems.
And, you’ve got ‘state of the art’ AND ‘green’ skin care. To celebrate Earth Day, I'm introducing my 6 new Natural and Organic products to green your skin care without sacrificing results:

Earth friendly, skin friendly and budget friendly skin care that's great for the entire household!

#1. 100% Natural Ultra-Hypoallergenic Shower Gel Hypoallergenic for even the most allergic and sensitive skin. Ideal for the entire family. Avoid chemicals and artificial fragrance as you cleanse your body's biggest organ daily. This is certified organic daily skin cleansing that really works and that you will love. Good for every skin type. #2. 100% Natural Invigorating Shower Gel The same great product as the Ultra-Hypoallergenic, but formulated with invigorating peppermint. #3. All Natural Lavender Foaming Hand Soap The same popular and amazing hypoallergenic foaming hand soap I’ve had, but now with organic lavender essence. You wanted it and I listened. We love lavender and this soap is a delight to use. Certified organic. Keep a bottle at every sink and never wash your hands with drying, artificial, and fragrance-laden products again. #4. Natural Lip Balm Certified organic lip balm that’s hypoallergenic and made with only the most hydrating ingredients. What you put on your lips matters. You are avoiding heavy metals, toxic ingredients and all those allergens in lip balms that get you addicted to lip balms because they cause dry lips. I’ve gone the extra mile to get this product certified organic, so you know it doesn’t get any better than this for safe lip balm. Perfect for everyone in your household! #5. and #6. All Purpose 100% Natural Spray Cleaner, and All Purpose 100% Natural Liquid Cleanser Concentrate Products you clean your house with get on your skin, and that matters to me. As a dermatologist, I treat the rashes people get from their cleaning products. For my natural line, I’ve gotten rid of the allergens and these zero-VOC cleaners are safe for even the most sensitive people. Certified organic, these planet and people friendly products are a great way to celebrate Earth Day. Say goodbye to pesky hand rashes caused by some of today’s popular ‘natural’ house cleaning products. Some are full of ‘natural’ allergens like citrus essence (who thought that was a good idea?!). Dr. Bailey Skin Care Naturally Line of Products also includes: #7. Natural Face and Body Butter Cream #8. Natural Face and Body Lotion #9. All Natural Foaming Hand Soap #10. Naturally Best Bar Soap #11. Naturally Hydrating Pore Minimizing Facial Toner           Green your skin care, while you nurture your family and Mother Earth. Switch to smart, natural skin care alternatives. Keep watching as I add more natural, effective, and lovely skin care products because I'm on a mission!