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Dermatologist's Natural Skin Care for Dry Hands

Dermatologist's Natural Skin Care for Dry Hands

My natural skin care for dry hands will help you reduce the amount of chemicals you use without sacrificing results in your skin care. We all want to reduce our exposure to chemicals. Personal care products often contain chemicals we never think about. Natural skin care to prevent dry hands can work really well with the right products.

Dermatologist-developed natural skin care for your hands

I’m a dermatologist and skin care obsessed entrepreneur in the Northern California wine country, where ‘natural’ had deep roots. My mission is to blend modern skin care science with products that are made with natural and organic ingredients. I’m writing a series of posts to share with you how I blend these two values into skin care routines without sacrificing results. In this article, I target hand care.

The Best Natural Hand Care to Prevent and Heal Dry Skin

Busy hands are washed and used all day, every day to the point of chapping. Remember your grandmother’s hands -- how nice they felt when they rubbed your back, because they were so rough! My hard-working grandmother had cracks on her finger tips from doing dishes, hand laundry, home cooking and gardening. I do the same, but refuse to have rough or fissured hands. I blend natural products with some selective advanced scientific products to keep my hands soft and fissure free. Here’s the tricks:

best natural hand cleanser soap for dry handsbest natural hand soap for dry handsCLEANSE hands using only easy rinse, gentle foaming hand cleansers made from 100% natural ingredients. Options include my popular All Natural Foaming Liquid Hand Soap             

dermatologist's best natural hand cream for dry hands dermatologist's natural hand, body and face lotionHYDRATE hand skin to trap moisture and heal chapped dry hand barrier using my Natural Lotion. Its pump bottle makes it convenient to use continuously throughout the day.

How to treat severely dry hand naturally

best healing hand butter creamFor severe dryness, fissures or splitting nails, apply my Natural Butter Cream to your hands at night. Rub the cream into your fingernails and cover your hands with therapeutic cotton gloves. This deep drink of hydration will heal rough hands in a matter of days. My grandmother would have loved this!