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Dermatologist's Favorite Summer Products

Dermatologist favorite summer products

Dermatologist and Skin Care Expert’s Favorite Summer Products

The products I use for my skin care make a huge difference to my skin's health and glow. This is especially important in the summer, because how our skin looks in the summer is as much a part of our appearance as our clothing.  I’m extra tuned in to the ‘cause and effect’ of how products impact my skin’s appearance - particularly in the summer - because:
  • At my age (well over 50) skin really starts to get crepey, dull and flakey if left to its own devices.
  • I inherited fair and dry skin so I need to moisturize and sun protect every day.
  • My skin is sensitive so I can only use hypoallergenic products, and I also need ones that soothe facial redness.

What are the products I'm obsessed with and depend on in the summer to cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect my skin?

In this post I share some of my favorites with you. Together, we can have beautiful and healthy skin for the remaining summer days. 
My two can’t-live-without-them sunscreens:
  1. Suntegrity 5 in 1 Tinted BB Cream. I wear it on my face every day. Because I love how it looks on my skin I even wear it in the evening if my husband takes me out for a hot date.
  2. Sheer Strength Pure Physical Spray Sunscreen – the easiest sunscreen to apply that I’ve ever used. I spray it in my palm, rub my hands together and apply this ‘bullet proof’ protection on my ears, neck, "v" of my chest, arms and hands every morning because they are usually exposed.
My bucket hats. I’ve got them in every color and I use and abuse them daily. I’m hat-addicted. Now I can’t stand the glare of the sun in my eyes because it’s been years since I’ve gone hatless.   Antioxidants to double-protect my fair facial skin. Green Tea Skin Therapy is on my face twice a day, every day. Professional Vitamin C Anti-Wrinkle Serum is on my face about every third day (it has a half-life in the skin of 4 days!). These two products load my fair and freckle-prone, previously tanning-addicted facial skin with antioxidants to combat any free radicals that might form due to UV ray exposure. The Green Tea also soothes my skin's tendency for facial red ness.   My AHA Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit. I use this twice a week from my neck down to the soles of my feet. This routine guarantees that I have soft skin every day. It’s also working well to keep my keratosis pilaris smooth and to fight crusty age barnacles that could form at my ‘delicate age’. In between, I use my All Natural Face and Body Lotion on my arms and legs after every bath or shower.     My Soft and Smooth Feet Kit. Now that I’ve enjoyed menopause twice (once naturally and a second time when my apparently still-sputtering ovaries were surgically plucked out thanks to my BRCA gene mutation adventure), I’ve got keratoderma climactericum in spades. This mouthful is the name of a phenomenon whereby women after menopause (aka the ‘climax’ of our lives according to the ‘fathers of dermatology’) develop really thick and rough skin on the bottoms of our feet. The truth is, I don’t know where all that dead skin comes from, but my feet make it fast and I don’t like it! This summer, I’m in a full-on war against my heels.  Thank goodness for the combo of this kit and Bag Balmwhich I use in between. Keratoderma climactericum - good grief! Well, at least I’m alive and here to fight thick heel skin, along with my trusty foot file.     What are your favorite summer skin care products?      Join the conversation and receive early access to store promotions. Want to learn more? See these related posts: