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Dermatologist's Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

Chemotherapy Skin Care from Dr. Bailey Breast Cancer SurvivorI’m very pleased to announce the release my Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit!

My Chemo Skin Care Kit is near and dear to me. I'm a dermatologist who just spent the last year being treated for the most aggressive form of breast cancer - the dreaded high grade triple negative type.  My oncology team gave me really strong and intense chemo because it was my only shot at surviving.  I knew that I was in for a ton of side effects - including skin problems - and I decided that I was NOT going to let that happen if I could help it! I actually tolerated chemo pretty well all things considered.  I'm going to keep writing about what I learned in the hopes of helping others.  It's what makes me particularly happy about finally releasing my Chemo Skin Care Kit.  The kit is the result of what I, the dermatologist, learned while taking care of me, the  24/7 cancer patient; the dermatologist had a living laboratory to test her ideas on and in the end, the cancer patient's skin stayed healthy, comfortable AND attractive throughout her 4 months of chemo.  Having healthy, normal looking skin was a great comfort.

I want my Chemo Skin Care Kit to be a comfort for other people who are going through chemotherapy. 

The products in my Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit are both hypoallergenic and highly therapeutic.  I created a complete and simple skin care routine to keep skin healthy during chemo because chemo patients need to have one less thing to worry about during this difficult time.
Living the 24/7 cancer patient experience I know first hand how exhausting and overwhelming it is.  I realized what a comfort it was to have a complete yet simple skin care routine that I could trust to keep my skin healthy and comfortable, especially during chemo. I want to help other people who are going through what I went through.
My Chemo Kit products are what I came to rely on chemotherapy skin care kitduring my own chemotherapy.  My Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit comes with all the products that a chemo patient needs for their general skin care. I've created easy to follow instructions and a handy tote bag for the products. I have 2 versions of the kit, one with the essential products and a second  that also has my Green Tea Antioxidant Therapy (which I love!) to soothe irritated facial skin.

Click here to see my Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

In addition, I've created a new section on my web site specifically for chemotherapy skin care.  The section includes a number of other products a chemo patient may also need including sunscreens, lip balms etc.  These are the products I've used for years to create skin care routines for my patients who are undergoing chemo.  

Click here to see the full chemotherapy skin care section at

My goal is to provide a little comfort to other people, who like me, must receive chemotherapy to treat cancer.  Helping people prevent skin problems during chemo is one way that I can do that.  Please forward this to anyone you know who is undergoing or about to undergo chemotherapy. I've designed my kit to be a thoughtful gift that you can give to anyone embarking on the chemotherapy experience.

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